*Top most laser machines of the world? *Maximum number of lasers. *Topmost quality of latest lasers, *Best results. *Advanced technologies. *Appreciation of results in national & international conferences.

We are the first in North Maharashtra having following various features

1) Our centre is First multilaser & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Centre in North Maharashtra.

2) First laser centre in North Maharashtra having all flat wave beam laser technologies, which are most safe, much advanced & totally effective.

3) First laser centre in North Maharashtra having maximum number lasers.

4) First laser centre in North Maharashtra having world's Top most, most advanced and most effective maximum types of patented 'skin & scar resurfacing' technologies such as 'ActiveFXTM' 'DeepFXTM'& 'SCAAR FXTM& Selective resurfacing' & 'True spot 'resurfacing. Pigment FX, or Co2 light laser skin resurfacing.(refer. or you can also watch the videos of Co2 laser resurfacing on

True Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing technologies made available at NASHIK even prior to Mumbai.

5) We use most standard, most powerful & advanced most machines of international repute, such as 'Medlite C6', (refer, True Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser machine. (refer All laser machines & technologies are approved by food & drug. Administration of America (FDA).

6) We are the First in North Maharashtra who made available all cosmetic laser procedures / surgeries under one roof.

7) We are the first & only cosmetic laser centre having counseling & guideline book to cater cafeteria like approach to serve our client in best & most modern way. This book enlightens clients on quality & choice of treatment, management of treatment and offers clients opportunity of effective decisions making. In last 6 years we have published 5 issues in great detail of such activity Such activity is carried out by only few centers in the world.

8) First laser centre in North Maharashtra having research work which is presented & appreciated in national & international cosmetic, aesthetic & plastic surgery conferences. Our doctor has chaired the session of scientific discussions.

9) First laser centre in North Maharashtra which has its own two websites for detailed information & education about all these procedures with follow up treatment results.

10) First laser centre in North Maharashtra which conducts cosmetic workshops or cosmetic training programs for doctors & experts. We conduct regular activities of self help group for education of masses.

11) First multilaser centre in North Maharashtra which uses video DVDs, booklets & poster gallery to educate & enlighten the individuals & the masses.

If you are beautiful we will further improve your beauty. If you are not we will make you beautiful.

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