Features of Beautiful skin:

Beauty of skin lies in its smoothness of surface, tightness, glow or luster, fairness and uniform color tone. We are attracted to the beauty of the person means it is often the skin of that person which glows and glares. Good skin boosts self esteem of the individual. Healthy skin is important parameter of good health. Good health and healthy lifestyle prolongs beauty of the skin. It is easier to regain beauty of skin if person has good health.

Common mistakes we commit:

Most of us want to look good!! But our afforts are often less or wrong.

Yes! Most of us have ignorancy and some misconcepts and about maintenance care of the skin. Those who have knowledge of skin care, may not follow all precautions or tend to miss precautions which they think that these are inconvenient to them. We do not have idea of skin behavior & changes in behavior response of the skin due to aging environment and other problems in the body. We often think that we know our skin fully & we take care of the skin rightly. But it is rarely true.

We do not respect skin and its medical care sufficiently. We try to manage skin by self medication or self use of cosmetics or non medical skin care. It is insult of quality of the skin. Thus mishandling and self handling of our own skin is very common but most of us do not realise it & so we may continue to commit same mistakes for years. This is how we damage our own skin!

Many of us approach for medical & cosmetic treatment only when it is too late. Very few of us try to manage skin care in consultation with doctor or expert. Everybody of us want to look good without understanding how this medical skin care is taken and this good look is maintained or improved. We pay high price of ignorance & lack of taking precautions for skin maintenance care. Very few people maintain follow up of medical skin care over a period of few years or decades. So we loose quality of the skin, & uniformity of colour tone, smoothness of the surface & tightness of the skin.

Clear skin is often a dream for most of us which is not achieved fully. "I use cosmetics minimally. I go to parlour regularly. I do not get in sunlight, I use sunscreen & scarf on the face regularly still way should. I got photodamage changes". This is common complain some of the women protect themselves from sunlight of skin but on some occasions (e.g. Procession of marriage ceremony of somebody else), they are exposed to strong sunlight for at least 15 - 30 minute without sun protection. Such unusual strong & unprotected exposure is sufficient to produce subclinical (unnoticeable) skin burn, slow skin damage & very slowly progressive skin tanning. This is how mellasma &other problems of tanning are indirectly aggravated.

We un-noticeably damage our skin before our 20's because of sunlight exposures & lack of concurrent protection on the skin. Lack of skin care or wrong care tends to aggravate skin damage slowly. During 3rd decade improper skin maintenance care and non medical attempts are done to look skin beautiful damage our skin. During this age use of cosmetics specially bleaching agents, fairness cream, anti acne creams etc. is too haphazard. So skin is likely to suffer from chemical damage. Such damage is further easily aggravated by ultraviolet rays of sunlight, persistent exposure to TV/ computer monitor or any strong artificial light (e.g. in malls). Later type of damage is called as photodamage. These damages further aggravate aging changes at early age.

Why one should maintain the skin with the help of cosmetic physician or surgeon:

In young age we need skin maintenance care if we have problem of acne, acne scars, more exposure to sunlight, extreme temperature or humidity in weather etc. At the age of 40, we enter in the stage when we need more careful medical skin maintenance care. After the age of 40 aging changes increase further. Personal negligence increases because of changes in interests of family life. As such most of us in India need strong cosmetic laser skin rejuvenation & skin resurfacing treatments sittings at some stage in our life.

How I should care for my skin?

Always assess what injustice has been done with skin during young age & in last two decades. Earlier you start caring for the skin, better will be the results. Everyone's skin is different and needs are different so its behavior. Skin responds to treatment differently in different individuals. So, same medicine or concentration of ointment or formula and duration of application is not applicable to everybody. Duration, frequency of application & combination of these applications vary from person to person. Quality of one's skin varies from person to person general health, associated noticeable & non-noticeable health problem, life style, habits, diet, exposure to sunlight & All these depend upon environmental factors etc. Let us take care of medical skin problems like acne, acne scar, pigmentation: darker colour tone, uneven colourtone, uneven skin textures. These are commonest nuisances.

If one has acne, mottled hyperpigmentation, early aging changes on the skin, mellasma, dark circle etc. then do not purchase advertised products. Use of these products delay diagnosis & treatment at early stage of cosmetic medical problem. These common medical cosmetic conditions tend to be more chronic because of self treatment and incomplete treatment, insufficient application, insufficient concentration of medicine etc. These factors rather provoke skin problem or tend to make problem more resistant to treatment or increase tendency of aggravation or recurrence of the problem. These problems or conditions should be well treated in consultation with expert. In acute or recurrent or severe acne or long standing acne problem acute acne, medical facial treatment is done every 4-6 weeks. In black heads, deep cleansing and use of comedone extractor is advised. Continue medical care for few months. Some may need to keep follow up at 3-4 months interval.

Under medical supervision always do good cleansing and medicated exfoliation as essential step in de-aging program. We use cosmetic & make up to hide our flaws & to look temporarily better. Use of advertised cosmetics & make up is not way of good skin care & treatment of flaws on the skin. Such approach may turn out harmful to some persons. Lots of girls develop spurt of acne just after their marriage because of make up to which they are not used to.

Make up:

Use lighter and sheerer make up on oily skin. Use a water based foundation or moisturizing formula on oily skin and blend with the sponge. Use concealer only in the inner corners under the eyes. Apply powder sparingly with brush after the foundation. Eye brows need definition. Use shimmer shadow, use matte-eye shadow, use shimmer shadow only to the browbone and the centre of eye lid. Use natural shades with one item having tint of brightness e.g. lipstick, a lip gloss. Use brighter blush to highlight cheek bones or dust over eye make-up. Gray hair or streaks result in appearance of faster aging in women.

To maintain good and healthy skin:

  1. Take well balanced diet regularly at regular time. Food which contain Avoid junk food, fried food, processed food like chocolate or food which contain more chemicals (e.g Soft drinks, Chinese food available in India, etc). To reduce weight do not have too much starvation and take plenty of green leafy vegetables, sprouts, pulses and fruits.
  2. Take enough water.
  3. Maintain good health by regularity in daily schedule of life & good life style.
  4. Take enough sleep and rest. Avoid irregular sleep hours & incomplete rest.
  5. Avoid bad habits like tobacco in any form (e.g. Ghutka, Mishri, smoking), alcohol, excess tea, soft drinks, food with added chemicals for flavours & taste. Avoid junky food, over processed food, food with added preservatives, canned food etc. Replace these habits by taking milk, fruits, green tea.
  6. Ultraviolet rays increase pigmentation. Avoid direct sun light exposure in between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Use & make up and sun screen, which suits to your skin.
  7. Exercise regularly. Do 30 minutes aerobics like fast walk, jogging, running etc. at least five minutes in a week. Do relaxation exercises like yogasanas and breathing exercises like pranayam.
  8. Do light massage over the face regularly. Avoid massage when acne are in active stage i.e. during pain and discomfort.
  9. Try to understand environmental factor which affect beauty of skin & try to avoid them. E.g. dry weather of winter, working in congested & closed room.
  10. Use skin care cosmetics like moisturizers, cleansers, toners, anti-aging/fairness, cosmetics, under medical supervision. Take medical cosmetic treatment if you notice any minor or mild flaws consult your doctor if you want to maintain or improve fairness of the skin. Avoid unfair use of fairness creams.

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