Ornament on the body often appears beautiful not because that ornament is beautiful but because person's body is beautiful.

Normal beauty is because of good health & not because of cosmetics. Maintain beauty with medical help of doctors. Non-medical help nonscientific so cheaper but it turns out costlier in long run.

Beauty is not only skin deep but also fat deep, muscle deep bone deep, mind deep & spirit deep.

There is not a single standard of beauty by which everybody can be compared. Racial difference exists. So, skin texture, internal support structures and various body features varies.

Social acceptance of these particular factors decides peculiar features & standards of beauty in that particular ethnic group. Proportions of facial features change as our age increases. Things appear beautiful if proportion of breadth to height is 1:67.

Aging changes affect beauty:

Shrinkage of facial bone and changes in shape of the face makes the people look older. Effects of aging lead to reduction of bone volume or change of shape of bone and reduction in tissue volume of face. These changes further create wrinkles. So, body tissue resolves, shrinks and leaves empty space. With increase of age, skin losses its elasticity. So tissue around these spaces become loose. Women tend to loose facial bone at a younger age. So, as time marches on it often affects across our faces.

Most of us realize of loss of beauty only when it is lost beyond certain limited. Everybody of us ages slowly everyday. We do not notice such very minor loss of beauty for initial ten years during young age. After some months or years, we incidentally & suddenly realize loss of quality of beauty. It is often others who brought to our notice such loss. Tricky comments by others about our beauty often harm our mind or make us extra alert.

Due to effect of gravity and ageing process tissues of the face shift down ward. So nasolibial fold and other wrinkles on the face increase.

When should I consult my cosmetic physician?

If your beauty problem do not improve with non medical treatment, particularly within two weeks or it recurs again, it means you need medical cosmetic treatment.

Why beauty slowly fades away ?

Factors which reduce our beauty and prevent improvement in beauty :

Wrong habits like consumption of tobacco in any form, excess tea / coffee, improper cosmetics, haphazard use of cosmetics & bleaching agents, irregularity in routine life, incomplete rest / sleep, extra importance to target achievement spoil beauty. Stress, irregularity in routine life, wrong food & drinks, factors like hurry, worry, & curry badly affect beauty. Mismanagement in personal life, family life, personal & marital relations often spoil balanced life style, balanced health & balanced life management, so stress increases further.

Habit of taking fast food, junk food, fried food, processed food, canned food / drink, food with added flavors & chemicals slowly poison your beauty. In modern lifestyle these factors appear attractive and prestigious to most of people. Unfortunately unnatural concepts in culture & commercial projections in media provoke these factors.

Medical Cosmetic Problems:

Problem of beauty which do not improve satisfactorily with simple use of cosmetic care products or procedure of beauty parlour, within two weeks or if that problem recurs then it should be considered as medical cosmetic problem. Consult your medical cosmetic expert. Such problem can be in the form of tanning, darker area, dark spots, dark layer, frequent pimples, scars of acne / burn / injuries / infection, wrinkles, looseness of the skin / dryness of the skin, unwanted hair, poor quality of hair head, hair loss, unwanted tattoo, unwanted fat etc. Do not use cosmetics without consulting your cosmetic physician or surgeon if you have medical cosmetic problem.

If you have medical cosmetic problem avoid unnatural & over projection of beauty by using cosmetics. If you notice that you have medical cosmetic problem get it treated properly but do not hide it with cosmetic & non medical procedure to post pone its treatment. Otherwise it slowly become untreatable & resistant to treatment. Avoid temptation of using new cosmetic projected by attractive advertise. All cosmetics are not recommendable to everybody unless you consult your cosmetic medical expert & get assessed your skin.

If you need regular facials & bleaching or if you are undergoing these procedures regularly, it means you may have medical cosmetic problems and you need medical cosmetic help to treat and to prevent fading of beauty of the skin.

Understand your way to take medical cosmetic care & beauty care. Cooperate with one self and be beautiful :

Most of us have some cosmetic flaws on our face which often remain untreated for long period or these are incompletely treated. So some of these flaws get converted into untreatable conditions or partially treated conditions. People spend more money on appearance of car, ornaments, clothes, decoration in house & non medical cosmetic treatment than effective & right cosmetic medical treatment of flaws on the face.

Try to understand about nature of your beauty problem. Most of the persons try to solve medical cosmetic problem with the help of non medical beauty care centre. Avoid such attempts and shortcuts.

Although medical cosmetic treatment is effective there is nothing like guarantee of results in cosmetic medical treatment.

Most of beauty care services catered in our community are provided by non medical people. Joint cosmetic medical service and non medical beauty parlour services can provide better quality of services than only non medical beauty parlour services.

Beauty is a need of time! Beauty is need of progressive life!! Beauty needs medical maintenance care!!!

For a person who meets many people every day for public relation, marketing, administrating etc. face is his fortune. Take care of beauty in such a way that one can appear beautiful in any setting through healthy approaches. Do you want to improve your appearance? You are on right track!

Beauty needs maintenance care. Beauty is perishable. One needs to prolong its duration. Our concept of beauty is often incomplete because of its multiple aspects. Many persons have insufficient knowledge of these aspects. Beauty should be assessed quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Most of people assess their beauty and improvement in beauty from opinion of others. So they may likely to feel frustrated because of problem of their Beauty. In India there are other social and cultural inhabitations about cosmetic medical line of treatment. People want to improve their beauty without informing others about cosmetic treatment taken. They often feel sky of information others about cosmetic treatment taken.

How to approach your medical cosmetic problems & beauty?

Approach systematically and or analyze causes in one's own case. Consult cosmetic expert doctor. When you have medical cosmetic problem do not try to find short cuts & use advertised products which promise guarantee in disguise.

Many persons use fairness creams for years together to improve fairness or beauty but they rarely become fair. Initially they feel some improvement but it may not persist it person does not use sunscreen.

Try to understand various factors in your case which have spoiled beauty of your skin. Try to avoid these factors. Adopt positive factors which will improve your health & beauty e.g. healthy food / habits / lifestyle, positive activities, working with relaxation etc. Even in medical beauty care & skin treatment, there is nothing like guarantee but there is hope. Doctors or cosmetologist may not give you guarantee of recovery of the original beauty because multiple factors which cause early aging and damage. So also response to treatment varies according to the case, the stage of the disease, health status of the patient, habits & life style. So, percentage of improvement varies from case to case. Indian person often take cosmetic medical treatment when these problems enter incurable stage.

Do not depend on non-medical ways of beauty improvement because these are temporary measures & have their limitations. Medical cosmetic treatment gives you more results & better maintenance of beauty.

Health & Beauty:

Realise true nature of Beauty. Beauty and health are never permanent and so need maintenance care. Health supports beauty. Beauty needs care & maintenance. Beauty is nature's gift. It can be prolonged by our external efforts and nature's co-operation. Human beings can maintain and improve their beauty by following rules of nature. Natural diet, exercise, good habits, enough rest, regular routine life style are important factors which supports our health. Positive attitude, positive thoughts, positive creative work, positive psychological base, mental balance, faith and patience, help to maintain beauty of body & life. Because of all these positive factors all things appear beautiful.

Maintain feeling of satisfaction with whatever happens in life and social life (including family). Be ready for mental perspiration by good handling of emotions and ego. So persons of the all the age should try to improve one's own beauty irrespective of age. But one should keep low expectation because of limitations of quality of health, lifestyle, habits. Otherwise one feels frustrated & unhappy. In such situation people prefer nonmedical ways or they may prefer negligence in adopting right ways of maintaining beauty. Non scientific & non medical procedures do not improve health & true beauty of the skin.

Prolonging quality and status of beauty:

Beauty tends to be of short period if its maintenance care & health status is neglected. As mentioned above, no beauty in this world is stable. But it can be stabilized by taking preventive care and cosmetic laser medical treatment. It needs co-operation of the individual with himself / herself to make changes in own life style, habits, diet & environment. Take maintenance laser facial instead of doing such change in them, they rather try to depend on external factors & treatment modalities.

Replace, restore & regenerate: Three principles of beauty restoration & rejuvenation on the skin & the body.

Facials & bleaching in parlours is done on normal skin to improve its appearance. Darker colour tone, dark spot, acne, acne scars, dark layers, wrinkles, oiliness of the skin are medical cosmetic problems. If you have such repeated or persistent cosmetic problem, consider it as cosmetic medical problem & take help of cosmetic physician or surgeon. Cosmetic treatment does not improve family life or problem of life partner, sexual relationship. Do not solve these problem by improvement in shape of body, breast, nose and face. Try to solve these problems with the help of cosmetic medical counselor.

Every beauty has its period. Try to extend it with cosmetic laser treatment scientific help.

Develop & maintain beauty. Do not try to purchase shortcut technologies to improve beauty

Cosmetics: Friends and foes:

Now days most of cosmetics contain chemicals. Use them with medical consultation. People use cosmetics for years without bothering for their side effects. Beware of slow cumulative chemical toxic effect of what you use on the skin for few days to few years. Cosmetics are often used to hide medical cosmetic problems & for temporary solution of permanent problem. Cosmetics are not medicines. Cosmetics are meant for maintain good health of the skin & for temporary solutions of medical cosmetic problems. Avoid cosmetics which contain mild doses of medicines. Use of mild doses slowly without medical guidance & medical supervision make medical or cosmetic medical problem more resistant to treatment. Use of such cosmetics for medical cosmetic problem slowly aggravate your beauty problems.

Beware of Cosmetics because many cosmetic preparations available in the market are actually cosmeceuticals & mild medicines. Such self medication tends to convert easily treatable cosmetic problems in to difficult to care medical or surgical problems. Advertise of cosmetics over promises & under delivers. They rarely face problems of consumer court. Their advertises act though principle of mass hypnosis.

How does cosmetic treatment help you?

Today, more than ever more and more number of people are undergoing facial rejuvenation to fight aging. Many prefer quick turn around so that they can swiftly go back to work. There are many cosmetic procedure options ranging from non surgical methods to surgical methods to change appearance. These procedures build up confidence & increase happiness by changing internal feeling. These procedures also wipe out the lines of time and aging on the face. These help to reduce signs of aging and improve self image. Most of us are eager to look younger and fit. Now a days many choices are available to treat and prevent aging of face. These help to reduce signs of aging and improve self image. Remember beauty may be a gift of nature but its care is a present by you to your personality.

Encourage to undergo medical cosmetic treatment at right time. One needs to sacrifice some minutes to manage beauty care & medical cosmetic treatment.

Why people develop flaws on face even at young age & even after using cosmetics?

Young people are more exposed to sunlight as compared to older counter parts. Often they do not follow dictums of medical skin care & sun protection. Their food habits (and life style habits) are often unnatural & wrong. Acne, acnes scars acne uneven tone of the skin dark spots on the skin are initially neglected & managed by self use of advertised cosmetic products & self medication.

Persons use cosmetic & other preparations without consulting doctors for years together Many of us start cosmetic medical treatment late. So also people tend to take treatment at centre where staff and interior decoration is attractive but non medical people advise cosmetic medical treatment or where cosmetic & laser technology is of low quality or machine is less effective but cost of treatment is more. Often problems are undertreated or wrongly treated. So they tend to give incomplete treatment or do not keep enough follow up.

Regular use of costly cosmetic or variety of cosmetics does not mean that you are taking proper & utmost skin care. It means you need to manage skin care under medical supervision.

Thus cosmetic medical problem are mismanaged frequently. So most of us are inproperly treated or mismanaged for cosmetic medical flaws on the face. When person takes cosmetic treatment he/she tends to assess response to treatment on the basis of comments made by others. So decisions in taking follow up treatment are wrong.

Treatment of beauty problem is often not encouraged by others unless its eradication is genuine. e.g. problems of beauty in girl of marriageable age, Base of maintenance and improvement of beauty should be medical. Most of people use non medical ways to maintain and improve beauty.

Various non-surgical cosmetic treatments:

These are non-surgical procedures like unwanted hair removal by laser, non-ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation of face & body (e.g. laser facial). Laser skin bleaching reduces brown & blackish pigmented spots, acne, roughness of the surface, wrinkles & ageing spots, dark colour tone etc. Skin tightening, wrinkle eradication or wrinkle reduction, & non-surgical face lift, non ablative rejuvenation of the skin in dark circle area.

Various surgical cosmetic treatments:

UltraPlus® fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing, hair transplant, liposuction of unwanted fat, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), scar excision, laser scar resurfacing, skin grafting, breast augmentation are more commonly done in India. Face lift, neck lift, double chin, liposculptor, mentoplasty, malar elevation, prosoplasty, lipoabdominoplasty, eye brows lifts upper blepharoplasty for eye lid wrinkles, lower blepharoplasty for swelling below lower eye lid, fat injection are other cosmetic surgeries which are increased in India.

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