7.3 To maintain health and beautiful appearance of the skin

  1. Keep positive approach to maintain beauty. Understand & learn about long term skin care with the medical help of doctor. Learn to avoid unnecessary cosmetics & enlightened yourself to use essential cosmetics for your skin. Doctor will guide you in this regret type, specific skin problems & behavior of the skin.

  2. Consult your doctor or cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist before using any cosmetic products & need of any cosmetic procedures. They can suggest effective & target specific cosmetic medical and laser treatment procedures.

  3. Many Unwanted cosmetics are chemicals and/or mild medicines. Everybody should educate himself on ingredients of cosmetics and their action. One should train himself on how to take care of health & body. This avoids overwhelmed long term losses of beauty.

  4. You take skin matter in your hands while purchasing skin care over the counter products. Consult skin specialists or cosmetic surgeon about suitability of these products for your specific skin. Cosmetics have certain wrong effects on the skin after persistent use of specific period. Be careful in using a product which contain waxes, drying agents and harsh chemicals.

  5. Make changes in your cosmetic preparations when considering skin changes or when cosmetics fail to maintain the skin.

  6. For maintaining normal skin you need suitable moisturizer and sunscreen, balanced diet, sun protection, good health, minimization of stress. To improve noticeable skin problem or problems which are not responding to cosmetics you need cosmetic medicine.

  7. Beware of using fairness improving creams. Try to asses other side effects at interval. These side effects are in the form of aggravation of dark spots, darker colour tone of the skin & aging changes.

  8. Everyday new cosmetic products come in market. Producers carry out marketing aggressively. So most of us tend to be victim of such advertises & their over promises. Every new thing may not be good for everybody. It takes own time to establish its benefits.

Health & beauty go hand in hand. Both of them need optimum care as mentioned previously. Good health maintains your skin healthy, and beautiful. But ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and other sources, stress, environmental factors (pollution, extreme variations in temperature) improper moisturizer and sunscreen, bad food quality &wrong habits affect quality of health & beauty of the skin.

Skin needs protection:

Protect your skinwhile working in sunlight, field duty, dry weather, very hot / very cold weather etc. while travelling in open vehicle. Skin needs protection from such extreme environmental factors in external atmosphere. Beauty of the skin needs protection against interval environmental factors in the body (eg. Subclinical & noticeable diseases, internal stress).

Use of home remedies :

Use of home remedies on normal skin helps to maintain hormonal nature of the skin e.g. on normal skin use of butter / ghee, oil during night, as moisturizer on oily skin do not use these natural oily moisturizer. Do massage, use application of fresh fruits packs of tomato, cucumber, apple, multani matti (soil) etc.

Proper maintenance care :

When we face cosmetic problem or new addition of cosmetic problem one needs to make changes skin care. As age advances one also needs to make such changes. Understand medical maintenance of skin. Do it under medical cosmetic supervision to preserve beauty of the skin. When we develop skin problem like oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin we need to use medical skin maintenance preparations under medical guidance. In such situation select your cosmetics in consultation with your cosmetic physician or surgeon. Try to know problems & needs of your skin. Protection and maintenance of enough moisturization are two basic needs of the skin. Protect your skin from sunlight, extreme weather, (dry weather, hot / cold air) and wrongly selected products in the form of soap / moisturizer / sunscreen, fairness cream, anti-aging cream etc. No single medical cosmetic procedure will solve your cosmetic skin problem completely. One needs to use combination on of these procedures for better & longer lasting results.

Maintain your skin with the help of proper cleanser or moisturizing soap or face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen. Keep your skin fair & smooth with help of right doses of exfoliants & right kind of bleaching agents under medical cosmetic supervision. Prevent aging of the skin with help of skin massage, face muscle exercises, good life style, proper diet and healthy habits.

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