Face defines the body. It helps in influencing the people. If any element of face is undergrown or smaller, it needs augmentation to make it more attractive. These provide balance to less defined face or further enhance an already existent structure of the face. If any element of face is too big, it requires reduction. To enhance shape of cheek, chin, nose, face implants (hetero-implants) are used. These implants are artificial. These substitute body tissues. In some of the patients, his/her own bone or cartilage (auto implants) is used instead of implants. To remove these auto implant additional surgery is required. Those patients' whose body does not tolerate artificial implant, auto implants are used. Good candidate for face implant is a person who wants improvement in the look rather than perfection. He keeps realistic expectation and healthy look.

Cheek Implants:

Making cheek bones more prominent by cheek implant: In childhood, individual has prominent cheek bones. As individual grows old face changes its appearance. So he loses prominence of cheek bones. In such cases, cheek implant gives fullness to flat cheek bone. It adds to overall projection of the face. In some people due to loss on fat of the face, it appears ugly. Fat is lost along and under the cheek bones. It happens due to malnourishment. It may also develop in patients who are taking protease inhibitors for HIV problem. These persons have loose hanging skin in the middle part of the face, deep laugh lines on either side of raised prominent fold, sunken cheek pads. These persons show prominent and noticeable outlines of facial muscles and bones. Such problems can be overcome by filler material like collagen fat, dermatogen or grafts under the skin but the effects are not long lasting.

Subperiosteal implants:

To make face hubby in appearance with more balanced look, cheek implant is placed within the cheek. Thus, more harmonious balance with rest of the face can be created. Due to old age and weight loss or lack of weight gain face appear sunken and tired. To overcome this problem, cheek implants are used.

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