Removal of pad of fat in cheek

Thinner and triangular appearance of face is often preferred because it gives more youthful or gorgeous look. Some individuals have round face or puffy face. They feel fullness of mid cheek which does not suits the face and beauty of the body. So, they have a desire to reduce this fullness in mid cheek area so that it will appear natural and more sculptured. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia or light general anaesthesia. Excess pad of fat is removed from inside. There is no visible scar on the face. This procedure can also be combined with face lift surgery. In this later face lift procedure, approach is through incision of face lift and so extra inner incision is saved. After some rest, patient can go to home. One can have shower or bath immediately. Stitches are removed on 4th or 5th day. There is minimal swelling, bruising and slight pain for some period. One can attend office work and social function the next day.


Some patients have large, prominent cheek bones which give ugly look on the beauty of the individual. Prominent cheek bones (malar and zygomatic bones) can be reduced to small size and contoured of cheek bones can be improved. Surgery takes about two hours. There is no visible scar. Results are good and long lasting. Cheek becomes more rounded with less prominence of cheek bone. This surgery is generally done under general anaesthesia. A small incision is taken from inside the mouth. Excess cheek bone is reduced with the help of burrs or cutters. After surgery no dressing and drains are used. Postoperative swelling subsides within 2-4 days. Individual can go back on usual activities within 5-7 days. Moderate pain may be felt after surgery, which can be controlled by painkillers. Patient may feel numbness in cheek which improves.

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