Nowadays everybody is busy. Everybody wants to look as good as possible without requiring any need of rest and down time. These varieties of thread face lift procedures are less invasive & require less down time. So, those who want to undergo face lift surgery & if the aging effect is less, then, they can choose this surgery. Those who cannot afford to have post-operative rest can also choose these. This procedure has its own limitations. So, let doctor decide whether you should choose this procedure or not.

To support sagging skin, along with underlying muscle barb threads are used to recover effects of gravity. The barbs are fixed into the surrounding tissue. The excess skin shrinks in 3-6 weeks. So, new look is created. Due to barbs on contour threads force is applied uniformly. Hollow needle is passed through fatty layer of cheek bones. Top ends of the thread is tied deeper and thus firm the internal structure of the face. The other end passes under the skin for about four inches. When needle is passed, barbs on the suture deposit themselves in droopy part of the face. Results last for 6 months to five years. Side effects like swelling, bruising are rare.

Brow lift:

One point should be static superficial is passed through subdermal plane and deeper one is passed through fascia.
No. 1 for lifting nasolabial fold
No.2 for lifting marionette line
No.3 for lifting jaw

Contour thread is passed in zigzag fashion. Do not go upto nasolabial fold but 1 cm away from it. After procedure, ask the patient not to open mouth too widely. Take soft food. Do not massage the face for a week. Contour thread is unidirectional and apthous thread is birectional in each half. Contour thread is fixed at its upper end and if lifts. Apthous thread is suspending thread. In contour threading for lifting the skin, pull the lower end of the thread and then adjust the tissue over it. If there is dimpling mobilize tissue slowly to reduce it. mid face lift is done for nasolabial fold and cheek.

Contour threads:

Minimum detect ability, no scar, no down time, less expense, more reliability. Natural look is to maintain. Improvement continues gradually. Results are less dramatic. Migration or extrusion off the thread can happen. Aesthetic surgery techniques are becoming less traumatic, less invasive with less downtime. Face of young person is like triangle pointing downwards. Face of young person is like triangle pointing upwards or square shape.

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