With increasing age, underlying muscle of the neck becomes weak and so these are not able to support neck effectively. Middle of neck may develop sunken appearance and excess skin sags to form 'turkey wattle'. In neck lift, underlying neck muscles are tightened and make the muscles less prone for further sagging as age increases. So, youthful appearance of neck is restored. Neck lift may be performed in conjunction with face lift or neck liposuction. Note that liposuction of the neck tightens the skin of the neck but does not correct weakness of the neck muscles. Neck lift is done under local anaesthesia. Sedation is given to keep patient relaxed. In this procedure, small incision is made under the chin. Surgeon locates the edges of platysma muscles which runs down in neck. These edges are brought together and stitched in midline. Posterior part of this muscle is tightened and fixed by stitching at the back of the neck. Such fixation makes neck and jaw support stronger. Soft dressing is applied. Patient notices new contour in four to six weeks. Instructions: Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. Pain, discomfort and swelling can be treated with medicine. Give rest to the head and neck for early healing.

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