9.11 Forehead Lift & Brow Lift

In between age of 40-60 years, aging effects become visible. People develop various wrinkles and furrows on the skin and drooping of skin in certain area also develop. Due to emotional stress in our life, expression of muscles causes furrows. Some people have inherited low, heavy eye brow or furrowed lines.

To correct the appearance of sadness, anger, unnecessary wrinkles / furrows on forehead, and drooping of eye brows forehead lift and brow lift is done. Many people do not like these above mentioned lines. The tissues and muscles which are responsible for furrows and drooping are removed or altered to make the fore head smooth. So, also, drooping eye brows are corrected in the same procedure. Incision is behind the hair line and so it is not seen after healing. It is done under local anaesthesia with sedation to make a patient drowsy. It can also be done under general anaesthesia if patient prefers so. Forehead lift can also be done with the help of endoscope. It requires very small incision.

Hooded eyes or heavy brow is early sign & most noticeable sign of aging. Eye brows fall over their orbital bone rim (the eye socket). As vertical distance between eyebrow & margin of upper eyelid but reduced the told of the skin slowly develop which increase further. After connecting side of eye brow one can be. Eye brows can be raised above this bony rim with brow lift surgery.

To lift the eye brow and to smoothen the fore head, brow lift is done endoscopically. It can be done in patients who is undergoing blepheorplasty (eye lift) and rhytidectomy (face lift). Eye brow lift can also is by done by give to cases.

The distance from the base of the nose to the anterior hair line should be about 1/3rd of the length of the face. We forehead is more in height, it can be reduced, if forehead is low, to raise hair line, resect full thickness skin and scal mid portion of the skull from ear to ear straight across.

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