Signs of aging appear on everybody's face. Nobody can escape from aging process. So, as we grow old, all of us need some face & other procedure to look younger. Face lift reduces signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, deep creases, a jowl of jaw line etc.

Everybody of us grows older. Exposure to sunlight and presence of gravitational forces affects of tissue below the skin. Physical and mental stress of daily life affects the muscles and other tissue. Stress keeps them in tense condition. Aging and lack of physical exercise makes the tissue of face and neck more lax. Wrong diet and wrong habits accelerate signs of aging. Cover of tissue on the face (e.g. skin, muscles, and fat tend to thin out). So, face appears more old. Fat deposit below lower jaw and in lower part of the face increases.

All these causes lead to formation of deep creases between the nose and mouth. This crease is called nasolabial fold. Tissue near jaw margin & jaw line develop laxity. More folds and furrows are in between eyebrows, around the eye on the forehead. Fat deposition increases around the neck and mid part of the face and below the chin. It converts attractive triangular face into round face.


The incisions of face lift are hidden behind the hairline or within the scalp, behind the tragus (inside the ear and) / or behind the ear. This helps in minimum scarring. The incision begins in temple area above the hairline just above the ear. This is extended downward in a natural hairline either in front of the ear or just inside the tragus cartilage at the front of the ear. This incision is further continued posteriorly around and behind the ear lobe superiorly. It is ended at the lower scalp. Skin is raised outwards to separate from fat and muscles below. Excess fat is removed. Underlying muscles and connective tissue layers are tightened and repositioned. Skin is pulled back to lift it and to tighten it. Excess part of the skin is removed. The incision is closed. Surgery takes 2-4 hours. Bandage is applied. Small tube may be kept as drain behind the ear to drain any accumulated blood. Patient is discharged after about 6 to 8 hours. If additional procedures are done, additional time is required. When neck lift work is to be done, incision may be made below and behind the chin.

Types of face lifts:

Many times in addition to tight the skin of face, one needs to correct problems around the eye lids, at the corner of the mouth as in mid face lift and creases at the lip. So, various types of procedures of face lifts are available such as 'S' face like, SMAS face lift or submuscular aponeurotic system, the mini lift, smaller lower third face lift, SOOF (sub orcularis occuli face lift), temporal face lift, lateral brow lift, deep plane lift, subperiosteal face lift, neck lift (platysma lift) etc. SMAS (sub artificial) lift. In this procedure SMAS is lifted up and out or diagonally. This lift can be performed in conjunction with neck lift or platysma lift. SMAS layer is responsible for face movement e.g. smiling.

'S' lift:

This procedure is used to correct merely lower third of the face which include the jaw line, the jaws and the neck. In the procedure, upper part of face and eyes remains unaffected.

Mini lift:

It is lower face lift to overcome problem of nasolabial fold (i.e. a fold running by the side of nose to the angle of the mouth. Incision is given in front of the ear. Mini lift with suspension suture: Sutures are anchored under the skin in muscles.

Mid Face lift :

Cosmetic surgery changes the look of the person and helps to change feel of individual about oneself. Nowadays most of us have some facial flaws and signs of premature aging, which minimizes self-confidence.

SOOF: (Suborbicularis oculi fat lift)-

To lift central third of the face, it is done. Area from the center of eye brow to the frown lines and area adjacent to nose and mouth are included in this procedure. The midfacial tissues at the deep layer (the periosteal layer) are lifted and repositioned allowing the sagging check to be lifted in vertical direction. Thus, smoothing the nasolabial fold. The volume of upper cheek is also enhanced.

Temporal face lift:

In temporal face lift, upper one third of the face is lifted. Eye brows are lifted up. Horizontal lines of forehead are removed. It may also help in correcting ptosis of upper eye lid. Deep plane lift: It is done at a deep plane than standard face lift. It can benefit the neck and jaw. Subperiosteal face lift: This procedure is used to lift the suborbital area as well as the midface area. Neck lift (Platysma lift): For more youthful neck platysma muscles are tightened along with removal of excess fat and hanging skin. It can be performed with face lift. Mid face lift: Middle part of the face is triangular area between two corners of eyes and the corner of mouth. Mid face lift may also be done with the help of endoscope.

Mouth Lift For Aging Of The Corners Of Mouth

Due to aging, corners of the mouth naturally turn down. So, one feels older. Patient appears tired. To lift the mouth, incision is given in red part of the lips. Excess skin is removed through the lip incision. So, the area around the mouth appears tighter, smoother and pleasing. Fat is injected to plump up the lips. Only 25% fat persists and rest of it is absorbed. LASER resurfacing or dermabrasion resurfacing is also done simultaneously. Simultaneous face lift gives the face more natural and less operated or tight look.

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