Most of us have desire to have fairness, smoothness, tightness & uniform colour tone on the surface of the skin. This can be achieved by laser facial skin rejuvenation and laser skin resurfacing.

Understand varieties of your cosmetic problems! and varieties of procedures!! decide your priorities before taking treatment!!!

Multiple types of aging changes develop slowly on the face. Some changes develop earlier & in more proportion in comparison to other changes So need of specific type of cosmetic treatment procedure varies from person to person. Depending upon degree of changes, variety of changes and number of changes, duration, of treatment varies from person to person. Considering budget of the patient, treatment & maintenance plan is made. Types of procedures are decided. Every procedure has its own advantages & also limitations. Try to understand information of all these alternative procedure & then take the decision in consultation with your cosmetic surgeon or laser surgeon. If you are not able to decide, leave the decision making to your doctors.

Improvement at 4 levels :-

Face can be improved by
a) improving the skin,
b) by adding fat in depressed area or removing unwanted extra fat accumulated under the skin,
c) changing the shape of underlying bone
d) by strengthening the muscles on the face.

Multiple problems we face on the skin. Fairness and glow reduces; Increase, in dark colour of the skin, dark spot, dark thick layers mellasma, various types of scars & marks, wrinkles etc. are observed. Skin can be improved with fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing & Q switch laser skin rejuvenation. ( laser facial skin rejuvenation ).

Excess fat in the face (Round face in fatty person) can be improved by removing excess fat (liposuction) thereby changing round shape of face (which is present in middle age) into triangular face (which is present in young person). Shape of bone can be improved by fat graft, tissues graft, implants. The thin & bony face can be converted into more fulfilled attractive face by adding fat under the skin. Tone & strength of muscles of the face can be improved with facial muscle exercises and ISOGEI treatment.

Duration of treatment :-

Number of sittings of skin rejuvenation depends on the number of problems on the face, general health conditions, associated diseases, life style, nutritional status etc. Some persons need maintenance are sittings at certain interval every 3 to 6 months.

Maintenance of glow, fairness, smoothness & tone of the skin:

Everybody takes regular maintenance care of one's vehicle regularly by visiting garage & getting done servicing. Every active living thing including skin is like vehicle on machines which needs maintenance care. So, everybody needs preventive laser cosmoglow or laser facial or laser skin rejuvenation treatment at regular interval to maintain tightness. So, such preventive treatment reduces the need of cosmetics & bleaching procedures. It also helps to avoid side effect of chemicals used on our skin. Take our guidance and treatment to look young for more years of life.

It may be cosmetic laser procedure (Non-surgical or surgical /ablative) an injectable filler material (fat or bio compatible material like hyaluronic acid), incisional surgical procedures of the face lift or implants (Gortex, soft form).


Various procedures to shape various features of face:

Shape of the nose affects the overall balance and aesthetic appearance of the face. Contour of chin (e.g. weak chin, extra forward protrusion of the chin), angularity of jaw, narrow / broad jaw line, flat or extra elevated cheek bones can be converted in to better shape & size with the help of implants or other biocompatible materials. In high contour cheek, there may be a problem of puffiness directly under the eyes. In low contours of cheek, there is hollow directly under the eyes. Some people have double chin which can be treated by liposuction. Chin implants improve the appearance of small chin. Jaw line can be well defined by removal of adjusted neck fat.

So, the skin in this area will become thinner and wrinkle in lower eyelid will increase. Use of laser treatment along with lower eyelid blepharoplasty helps to reduce these cosmetic problems. In arcus marginalis fat under the eyes is released and slide down into hollow to smoothen contour of the face under the eyes. So, tissue coating puffiness under the eyes go down to fill valley. If there is not much fat under the eyes, cheek lift is performed.

Aesthetic surgery techniques are becoming less traumatic, less invasive, less expensive, more reliable with less downtime. Minimum detectability of the procedure is observed.

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