Anti Aging Treatment


Aging changes in the skin:

Function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands decreases. Sensory perception decreases. Nails become more brittle and develop leaded ridging. The depth of skin and thickness of the skin reduces with increase in age. Skin becomes less hydrated, less elastic. So, skin becomes more dry, flaccid and so itching develops easily. Skin easily permits drugs into skin. Dryness, sagging and size of pores on the skin increase. Aging with sun damage leads to wrinkles, unevenness of the skin and enlarged pores. It also increases aging spots ephelide, lentigo, mottled pigmentation, keratosis (in males). Dryness, laxity, poor healing, tendency of hot flushes develops on the skin. Collagen is simple helical proteins secreted by fibroblasts and is present in extracellular matrix. UVB degrades collagen. With increasing age, there is decreased collagen synthesis and degradation of elastic fibres.

Skin changes are also affected by gravity. 80% aging changes are due to environment and sun damage. As age increases melanin in melanocyte reduces. So, more solar damage is seen in elderly person in the form of dermal changes so they tend to develop aging spots. So, elder people need more sun protection.

Aging changes in the Muscles:

As we age, we lose tension of muscles, and mass of muscle. We truly lose our tissue in subcutaneous area, cutaneous area and other parts of body. Our tissue gets gradually atrophied. So we lose quality of healthy natural figure.

Aging changes on the Face:

The triangular face of young age may become round fat layer under the skin reduces. Fat in cheek is reduced. Cheeks become more round in middle age to increase in age. Then gradually we lose fat in cheek. So in old age, cheek again becomes flat. Wrinkles increase on face due to further atrophy of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue. So tip of the nose slowly goes down due to loss of elastin tissues and gravity. We develop bald ness.

Due to overweight and over age, hanging skin folds develop near jaw margin which are called as jowls. Thickening develops behind the chin. Externally convex middle part of cheek becomes hollow.

Hairline on the forehead recedes back and so height of forehead increases. In males, it is initiation of baldness on the head. The arched shape of eye brow slowly changes to flat. Eyelids become more non elastic and redundant.

Western People get crows feet and wrinkles earlier. Indians develop comparatively less wrinkles. Volume in cheek reduces. Malar prominence and chin prominence reduces. Skin becomes thinner. Nasolabial fold becomes more prominent.

The size of nose increases as compared to proportion of parts of face. So the middle 1/3 rd part of face increases in height and lower 1/3 rd part of face reduces. The jaw bone tissue reduces in volume. The chin begins to point downwards. The face of young person is somewhat triangular. In middle age, it becomes circular. Upper lip becomes thin and flat. Vertical wrinkles develop on both the lips.

Due to aging, usually puffiness develops around the eyes. Person having such face looks tired and old. Fat deposit at unusual place makes the face puffy. When fat deposit increases in the area just below the chin, jaws and cheek, face appears more saggy. Sometimes ligaments under the skin of the face become weak and so fat herniates through the ligament & person's face becomes less attractive. With increasing age, skin loses its elasticity. It further sags due to stretch over a long period. Thus, excess stretch on the skin and natural aging process by age of fifty makes the skin of face droopy.

Aging of the Skin:

True aging:

Every part of the body undergoes aging. So, aging is of mind over the matter (body). If you do not mind, it does not matter. Aging is biological phenomenon. Aging affects our health, mind and its functions, ethics of life, aesthetic sense and professional life. Aging first imparts wrinkles on mind and then on the body. All these factors affect professional, social & family life. Person tends to suffer from feeling of emptyness in life, lack of fulfillment in life, stressful relationship. Realisation of many things not yet achieved in life or even if targets are achieved, the quality & balance of life might have suffered. He often tends to loose interest in social duties and taking interest in positive motivation of new generation. He way find himself unfit in situation due to changes in technology & demand for continued education to update oneself. On one side he has rich experience of profession & life, but on the other hand he has lack of motivation & negative changes in the target to live life positively. Impact of aging creates changes which affects health. So, many changes takes place in body, mind, social life and professional status.

Fat accumulates just below the jaw on either side. So prominent or well-defined jaw line slowly becomes round. In midline just below lower jaw, mandibular line develops gradually. As skin in this area continuously pulled downward it forms turkey neck. So skin loosely hangs below the level of lower jaw margin and 3-4 cm behind the midline of the chin near jaw margin. It called as jowl. Ear pinna gradually elongates in length and becomes thick. We use muscles of face frequently every day while speaking or expressing our emotions. So, certain muscles of the face pull down the skin or contract the skin. On our forehead, horizontal lines (worry lines) develop. Due to frequent over expression or persistent indirect expression of anger, worry, stress vertical lines develop in between the eye brows (frown lines). Due to over expressions of emotions and stress, lack of massage or facial exercises and use of muscles of mastication deepening folds develop. Additional lines develop on the rest part of the face nasolabial lines develop on the cheek vertical lip line develops around the lip due to underlying muscle's action. Crow feet lines develop lateral to the eyes. More lines develop from area near angle of mouth downwards. These are called commissural lines, cheek lines and marionette lines. Lines on the neck develop in vertical direction and horizontal direction. Due to aging, blood conducting vessels break and collagen support of blood vessels get reduced. Skin initially shows mild wrinkles which increases gradually.

Physical changes in aging. Aging affects sensory organs, joints, skin, heart, blood vessels, kidney, etc. of the body.

  1. It reduces capacity, tolerance and power of adjustment.
  2. Duration of sleep is reduced. Stage IV sleep is reduced. So, in morning, one wrongly feels that sleep was not enough.
  3. Due to aging, there is delayed erection and delayed ejaculation. In females, arousal and vaginal secretions decrease. Males can be sexually active upto 70-85 years of age and females can be sexually active till death. Sense of physical activity decreases.
  4. Veins enlarge and trauma develops easily. Then, ingrowing fungal infection develops easily. As immune system becomes weak infection develops easily. Rhytids, erythema, mottled pigmentation, descrete pigmentation develops.

Skin is indicator of functional status of internal organs of the body.

Medicine dependency in old age:

People above 65 years have multiple health problems. So, 25% of them take more than one drugs and so they may suffer from drug interaction. They have a tendency to take home medicine and herbal medication without bothering for their side effects.

Add not only years to life but also colour to life. Be ready to learn and travel through the geriatric age.

Most of us have strong will to look younger and fairer. When you live longer, you wish to look younger. No wiseman ever wished to be younger. We cannot become young but one can slowdown aging process. In skin disease treatment, every patient responds differently. Treatment policy is to Refill-resurface -relax & resuspend.

There are variety of aging changes. So aging person needs to undergo variety of medical & surgical or laser procedures to look young. These procedures are done at 4 levels such as at skin level, fat level, muscle level & bone level.

Aging of the skin can be prevented & treated by various lasers & cosmetic procedures mentioned below.

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