Anti Aging Treatment


Responsibility of our Aging problems

In some persons, aging can be slow or rapid. In others, initially it is slow and become rapid in later part of the life. Everybody tries to keep his/her appearance or presentation in such a way that he/she will be looking younger, dynamic and smart. We try to hide flaws on our face by using remedies at home, beauty parlors & cosmetic centers. We spend lot of our money on cosmetics, ornament, clothes to look young & beautiful. We also spend lot of our time in front of mirror & in beauty parlors. But many of us think that we do not have enough time for aerobics, yogasanas, pranayam, self-relaxation technique, improvement in our own stress management & self-development. Thus, we tend to avoid these activities or we tend to find reason to explain about "Why I cannot do these activities?" We tend to mislead ourselves. We spend less money to treat & to prevent our diseases but we waste our (more) money on non-nutritious processed food, chemically polluted tasty food, junk food & socially accepted wrong habits. This is cost of our so called modern progressive life in the society which we call it prestigious. We are obsessed by thought that what we call as prestigious activities and persons are always right.

What is Bad lifestyle:

Due to strong urge for progressive career any how & some how, we adopt many bad factors of modern culture in our own life. As our friends & so called progressive persons are also doing so, we feel there is nothing wrong in adopting bad life style in this compulsive world of competition & materialism.

Bad life style means excess tea, coffee, coke/ soft drinks use of tobacco in any form, alcohol, over or wrongly processed food consumption, irregular schedule of meals, irregular & incomplete sleep and rest, frequently, eating modern food outside the home persistently mismanaged stress. Smoking and use of tobacco in any form is more damaging than the sun & environment. Smoking & tobacco reduces internal blood supply to all internal organs and affects body's ability to heal on its own. Aging is due to intrinsic factors like genetics, wrong habits, negative attitude, over expression or undue expression of emotions. It is also due to extrinsic factors like photodamage, force of gravity, environmental factors (like pollution), stress. It can also be due to personal factors like bad habits in routine life, sedentary life style, physically extra stressful life, irregularity of life style, lack of enough sleep, imbalanced nutrition, emotional disturbances, mechanical life style. All these factors have synergestic effects on aging process. Damage to skin increases with increasing age, sun exposure, wrong habits (e.g. smoking, alcohol, junk food, excess tea) & undue hormonal changes.

All of us are afraid of disease, aging and death. But still we do not keep us fit to face these problems. Subconsciously we often approach to these three factors without prior preparation plan & philisophy. Because of good health & stamina in young age we take for granted our health & stamina. We do not have duty-consciousness about these three factors. "Thus, we play gimmick with ourselves. We consciously cheat our subconscious part of mind, thoughts and emotions. We often make us slave of many wrong thoughts, misconcepts and misbehaviour.

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