Liposuction in overweight


The person who has a body mass index of 40 or more, bariatric surgery is done to reduce weight. So, one may lose 50 to 100 Kg. After huge weight loss, excess skin hangs from neck, arms, chest, legs and abdomen. Such person then needs body lifting or body contouring. Surgery to reduce excess skin.

In bariatric surgery size of stomach is reduced surgically so that person feel full stomach even if he takes small quantity of food. In other type of procedure Sometimes a ball may be placed in stomach to reduce space in the stomach. In third type of procedure band is placed on part of stomach to reduce its size.

If the person does not want to undergo this surgery or if fat in some areas still remain inspite of bariatric surgeryhe may undergo liposuction.


Pannus develops after bariatric surgery. Pannus is a huge mass of loose skin which hangs from stomach. Such form of skin affects the body movement, exercise, activities, fitting of usual clothes and skin health problems. After surgery person´s stomach is unable to accommodate more than optimum quality of the food. He may vomit if more food is eaten.

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