Liposuction in overweight


Those people who are in good physical shape but find their abdomen still possessing excess skin and fat, tummy tuck is helpful. So, protruding appearance of abdomen is reduced. It appears more flat and tight. When there is excessive loose skin, excessive stretch marks and laxity or spreading of abdominal rectus muscle (often due to pregnancy) tummy tuck is advised.

In 'tummy tuck.' to reduce dramatically protruding appearance of abdominal wall, excess skin, fat from middle and lower part of the abdominal wall are removed.

So best confident men or women who have relatively good shape of body but are bothered by large fat deposit and loose abdominal wall. Women who have undergone pregnancies and has stretched abdominal muscles may tend to have tummy tuck. In older patients who have loss of skin elasticity and obesity may chose to undergo abdominoplasty.

Who should wait before going for abdominoplasty?

Those who want to lose lot of weight should wait till weight is sufficiently reduced. Those who plan for pregnancy should wait till delivery or end of lactational period. Abdominoplasty enhances your appearance and self-confidence.

Mini tummy tucks:

In fatty person, to remove fat and to reduce fold and bulges from the fold under the breast, down to pubic area, from hip, hip folds, flanks and love handles, liposuction is done. It produces thin and uniform layer of fat over the area of the entire abdomen and the flanks.

In this procedure, a horizontal incision is given just above the pubic hair line in proper crease. Skin is carefully lifted. The underlying muscles are tightened surgically to flatten the abdomen. Slick and lax tissue developed due to pregnancy is removed. The navel (umbilicus) is detached from underlying muscle layer and lowered down by about 1½ to 2 cm. excess skin is removed. Skin incision is then sutured. Preoperative horizontal umbilicus made vertical (more youthful looking). With the help of liposuction, groove is created in midline to etch in the abdomen. Man's pubis is elevated. Exercise can be resumed after 3-4 weeks. Healing & remodeling under the skin continues for about six months. Thus, smooth and flat, graceful athletic contour can be developed in the abdomen.


Patient perceives the difference after surgery. More results are seen after 3 weeks. Final contouring can be appreciated after 3 months. Most of the patients are pleased with new contour. Those, who continue to take maintenance care like balanced diet, exercise, have lasting results.

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