Improving fairness of the skin with laser treatment:

Everybody wants to be fair and lovely. Many persons are fair in colour bur their skin on face, neck become darker due to multiple factors like sunlight, photo sensitiveness, use of some cosmetics, etc. We treat such cases with most recent nano technology lasers 'Medlite C-6' (please refer to improve fairness, glow, smoothness and dark spots. Results tend to last longer when skin maintenance care is taken. In Indian person this is one of sure method of making skin fair. Rafer to chapter on laser facial skin rejuvenation.

Although we can not change basic colour of the skin, we can reduce darker tone of colour of the skin of the face & hand, neck etc. we use flat wave Q switch Nd:YAG laser of nono technology. It is safe method if proper care is taken, results tend to last longer. People spend lot of money on fairness creams & cosmetic over period of years but they do not get propotionate benefit. Some people become addicted to fairness creams by continuing steroid & bleaching agents or self-use of cosmetics.Certain creams leads to slow chemical pollution of the skin or chemical toxicity. Thus after few years skin slowly become darker, rough & un attractive due to abuse & over use of cosmetics. So always take treatment under medical supervision.

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