5.5 Laser Surgery of Mole, Skin Tags, Junctional naevi, Warts, Milia:

Moles and junctional naevi are dark spots present on the skin anywhere on the body.These are considered as beauty marks by many of us. As age growth their size and depth increases. So these should be removed when their size and depth is less. Most of the person do not undergo its excision till it become more conspicuous. Some people feel self-conscious about its appearance.

Some people feel itching on it. Some moles are pre-cancerous and so their removal reduces the risk of cancer. As age advances number and size of moles increase. Elderly people tend to develop moles & DPN spots. Unwanted moles can be removed and skin can be made clearer.

Most of the persons take decision of removal of mole only when it grows big. So by this time its roots are extended deeper.

Unwanted moles, junctional naevi, DPN spots, milia, warts can be removed and skin can be made cleaner & spotless. Moles can be removed by various methods like excision, shaving and LASER treatment. LASER treatment is most superior.During removal of mole with Laser: there is no need of cutting and suturing. It is done under local anesthesia. It requires 15-60 minutes for removal. No down time is required. One can go home after certain time. In the case of large size of mole to avoid post laser surgery mark one may need 2 or 3 sittings at gap of 1-2 months. Prefer good & aesthetically effective techniques & technology rather than cheaper technology. In surgical excision, full depth of mole is removed and wound is sutured. If hairs have grown in the mole, it needs surgical removal.

Warts : These are formed due to viral infection and grow fast. Recurrence is more common in beard area due to trauma of shaving. These can be removed with Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser or radio frequency probe.

Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN Spots):

DPN Spots are quite commonly seen in India. These are small dark color raised spots often start in young or middle age & grow slowly. There is no definite cause. But ultraviolet ray exposure may provoke growth. They grow slowly & unnoticeably over period of several years. Generally most of people do not notice it for long period. In India most of people have at least one or more DPN spots, mole,or junctional naevus. Generally most of them neglect them for initial few years. People take treatment for fairness & smoothness of the skin but neglect these raised spots. They may feel fear of its surgical removal or imagined residual of marks later on locally on the skin e.g. dark spots. When Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laser is used such things do not happen.

Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser can effectively remove these spots. No marks left after removal or minimum or bigger the size deeper deep is root. During procedure root may be microscopically removed.

Small to moderate sized DPN spots can be completely removed without any marks left behind. When one wants to remove bigger size mole or junctional naevi or DPN spots one may need 2 or 3 sitting then one need go much deeper. Some persons do not likes to undergo this procedure 2-3 times & they want to remove it completely in one sitting. In such persons there are chances of residual visible scar formation.

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