4.7 Use of Non-ablative Radiofrequency (RF) in cosmetic procedures:

Radiofrequency is electromagnetic energy. It can be used in non-ablative and ablative form in non-ablative radio frequency. 4 to 10 treatment sittings are needed. Collagen shrinks & fibroblast stimulation increases.

RF can be used in all skin types because it is colour blind. RF is effective below the age of 70 years. It reduces wrinkles.

Collagen is our body's basic building block. It is also a major component of the skin, tendons and connecting tissue. It reduces looseness of the skin. One needs maintenance sitting. These procedures are quicker and minor. Effect of treatment usually last for a year. Those who have healthy life style get more benefit after this treatment. There is no down time with radio frequency and non ablative laser. FDA approved this technology in 2002. during procedure patient feels an immediate coldness followed by a brief period of hot sensation, followed by slight cool tingling.

Thermage /Radio thermoplasty: This is less commonly chosen procedure due to very high cost of treatment.

These are safe and costly, non-invasive procedure which reduces signs of aging. But non invasive procedure has its limitation. Heat is deeply and uniformly given in the tissue underneath the surface of the skin. This sustained heat produces contraction of this tissue and lax skin gets tightened. Top layers of the skin are protected by cooling spray. The repetition is required. The number of treatment depends on the patient's age, skin type, health status and habits. This procedure requires few minutes to an hour depending on the size of area to be treated. Results appear within two to six months.Disposables for thermic treatment are costly.

Ultra pulse fractional Co2 laser is very good & effective technique than non-ablative radio frequency.

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