4.5 Crystal Microdermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion: (Non laser skin polishing):

Non-Surgical method-Less preferred because of its mild & short lasting results

Skin polishing or microdermabrasion is non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. Although 'skin polishing' word appear attractive & effective, this procedure is far less effective than laser facial Q switch laser facial skin rejuvenation. Skin polishing is not like polishing plywood. It just removes outer dead layers of the skin safely and under proper control. There is no down time after the procedure and so it is called 'lunch time peel'. In crystal microdermabrasion, person should remove her make up. No anaesthesia is needed. In this, medical grade micro crystals of aluminium hydroxide are propelled at high speed against the surface of the skin. At the same time, used crystals and debris are collected in waste container and are disposed off. These crystals cause microinjuries and exfoliate epidermal cells. After microdermabrasion, Vit. C and retinoid may be applied for absorption in the skin. In diamond microdermabrasion, no such microcrystals are used but diamond tips are used for polishing, under negative & pressure.

This massaging action stimulates blood flow, enhances oxygenation of the skin, increases regrowth of collagen and cell renewal. Flushing and cleansing effect results in vibrant healthy complexion. It takes 30 to 45 minutes. Later on one can safely apply makeup. Crystal Microdermabrasion/ diamond microdermabrasion improve skin tone and make the glow of skin more healthy. Skin becomes more soft and smooth. In altered pigmentation colour of skin becomes more even. It reduces unsightly pores and large acne scar. It reduces the frequency of acne break outs.

Atrophic scars can be treated with it. Stretch marks may also be treated with microderma. It may be carefully used for hypertrophic scar.

Who should choose this non laser skin polishing or crystal microdermabrasion & diamond microdermabrasion?

Those who want mild & temporary improvement, those who do not want longer recovery time, and want to join work immediately may choose crystal or diamond Microdermabrasion. Those who have skin which is sensitive to chemical and those who are not responding to medication given for acne may prefer this procedure. Results are seen immediately. Skin becomes more soft and light pink. Those who need vigorous microdermabrasion, pinkness of the skin persists for longer period. Patient should avoid sun exposure for the first 24 hours. Those who want more longer lasting results should take 6-10 sittings at gap of 15 days. Those who want more drastic improvement & longer lasting results should choose laser facial skin rejuvenation treatment and laser skin resurfacing procedure.

Should we prefer skin polishing rather than laser skin rejuvenation?

Crystal microdermabrasion or diamond microdermabrasion is also called as skin polishing. Although 'skin polishing' word seem to be attractive & impressive word to common non-medical person this method is just superficiality effective Laser facial skin rejuvenation treatment. & laser skin resurfacing procedures act at deeper level far more dramatically & produce very good results in comparison to skin polishing.

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