Choices of Lasers for skin resurfacing treatment: Co2 laser & Erbium YAG laser are used for resurfacing. Co2 laser is preferred because it gives better results in moderate to severe problems of skin texture. Co2 Laser has more depth of penetration & better collagen remodulation in comparison to Erbium YAG Laser.

Chosing high quality of effective Co2 laser: Among all types of Co2 laser technology, choose Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser which is best technology in the world. Its technologies like Ultra-Pulse® fractional deep FX Co2 laser SCAARFXTM are the Top msot among all types of other Co2 laser technologies including super pulse pixel & fractional Co2 laser. We have made available this technology even before its availability in Mumbai. It is still not available in Mumbai. People of Nashik are more fortunate than people of Mumbai in redation to this advanced and most powerful technology.

Why one should choose high quality Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing instead of super pulse fractional or pixel Co2 Laser skin resurfacing?

Surgical Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser resurfacing produces better results in one sitting in comparison to all other lasers technologies like super pulse fractional / pixel Co2 laser. Such types laser skin resurfacing for skin rejuvenation can be done on the face, surface of eyelid, lip, neck, hands, back etc. Good results are seen in one sitting but for same results super pulse fractional & pixel Co2 need 3-4 sitting.

Photogragphs of various problems treated with Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing.

What is done in Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser resurfacing?

In surgical Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing, superficial layers of damaged skin are vaporized under anaesthesia.

Superficial or medium resurfacing is limited to the epidermis and papillary dermis. In deeper resurfacing additionally reticular dermis is removed. This later procedure is more aggressive and need more healing time. To achieve good results deeper resurfacing, is done. There is more control in the depth of penetration. So, there is more and more precision and safety. Thus, this revolutionary technology removes one layer of skin at a time So, it is most preferred Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser is must safe. After healing smoother, tighter and younger look of skin develops.

This is the most chosen procedure for those who want dramatic changes in existent scars, acne scars/depressed pits/other scars, ageing skin, loose skin strong dark circle, dark/wrinkled lips & dark patches on the skin. Ultra-Pulse ® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing is more effective and qualitative than superpulse fractional/pixel Co2 laser. Erbium YAG laser, Erbium glass YAG laser, micro-needling FR technology, dermaroller, etc.

Depending upon area and type of problem, laser resurfacing requires five minutes to 11/2 hour. In case of deeper & severe problems Ultra-Pulse ® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing is performed in two or three sittings or super pulse fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing is performed in 3 to 6 sitting.

After procedure: Do not pick the crusts off as it may result in scarring Protect from sun exposure till colour of skin has returned to normal. Use sun block with SPF and wide brimmed hat. After two weeks, make up can be applied safely. Rarely make up may cause irritation. In such case, use of make-up is postponed for few weeks. After healing fresh appearance of the skin increases.

Variety of Techniques:

Quality of technique & types technologies & number of treatment sittings matter for best results. There is no short cut to achieve long term lasting results.

Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser is 6 times more powerful, reaches 4 times more depth &works two times faster than any other super pulse pixel Co2/ fractional Co2 laser in the world. This Most advanced technology is available in Nashik even before Mumbai

It has highest energy in the world. So this is most prefered Technology in the world.

Various Technologies and Types of Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacings:

Depending upon type of problems, severity of problem, expectation of percentage of achievement, financial budget person should choose type of technology and type of skin resurfacing procedure.

a) ActiveFXTM Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing:

'ActiveFXTM' laser skin resurfacing on the superficial surface remove dark layer thick layers, patches: (Laser Peel) (uniform Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing only at upper layer of the skin). When dark spot/dark thick layer, on the skin and acquired excess dark colour of the skin are present one need this treatment 1-3 times.

b)DeepFxTMUltra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing on the skin: It acts in deeper part of the skin to make it tight smooth All types of scars are made more smooth & less prominent or invisible SCAARFXTM is its very advanced version (uniform fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing only at deeper layer of the skin). It is used on mild problem of scars, wrinkles & looseness of the skin.

c) TotalFXTM laser skin resurfacing on the skin: (above two type of treatments in combination). (combination of uniform resurfacing at upper and deeper layer of the skin; This method is used on dark spot, dark thick layers are present along with problem of mild scars, wrinkles, roughness. It is suggested 1-3 times.

d) Double DeepFXTM skin resurfacing : on the face double uniform resurfacing of deep layer of the skin. In moderate roughness of the skin, scars, wrinkles this method is used 1-3 time.

In moderate roughness of the skin, scars, wrinkles this method is used 1-3 time.

e) Ultimate 'TotalFXTM' : (combination of above mentioned 'TotalFXTM' and 'Selective' skin resurfacing : It is combination of above mentioned 'TotalFXTM' and selective resurfacing selective resurfacing is done selective more on certain dark spots thick points/ areas, black thick/thin layers. raised spots, depressed spots, wrinkles, One may need this method 1-3 times.

f) Deep Ultimate TotalFXTM Plus : Combination of Ultimate TotalFXTM & 'SCAARFXTM' resurfacing: If the problems of dark patched, dark thick layers, and wrinkles, acne scars & other scars are extensive or if the person wants more results then combination of these four types of resurfacing technologies it is done at a time to achieve maximum results. It is repeated 1 to 3 times.

g) 'Double deep Ultimate TotalFXTM ': Combination of Ultimate deep TotalFXTM and True spots resurfacing. As per need of various area of the skin these 5 types of technologies are used to achieve maximum results. In true spot technology spot size of 2 mm falls uniformly to achieve better results.When dark, dark thick layers, roughness, scars, wrinkles are very severe or person wants best results this method is sugessted one to three times

Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser produces superior, and safe results than super pulse pixel/fractional Co2 laser. Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing produces maximum results in minimum number of sittings.

above mentioned expenses are charged per sitting

Most of persons get good improvement in first sitting but to achieve better results 1-3 sitting are suggested. When whole face is treated, fees for lips & area around eyes are charged separately.

h) Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser of 'SCAARFXTM': It is six times more powerful, 4 times more deep (4 mm deep) and twice faster in the skin than any other superpulse pixel/fractional Co2 laser in the world & create very deep resurfacing & remodulation of the skin. This is very effective on wrinkles, loose skin, any type of healed scar acne scars & burn scar 1-3 sitting are suggested.

i) Combined Total skin Rejuvenation (Renovation) with lasers: (Non-surgical skin rejuvenation and surgical skin rejuvenation/skin resurfacing).

In first sitting of treatment one to three treatment sittings of Ultimate TotalFXTM or Deep Ultimate deep TotalFXTM or Double deep Ultimate / TotalFXTM Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing and allied procedures are done to improve surface structure of the skin. For better results it may be done one to three times (once in six months) most of the person get good improvements in first sitting. In second phase or simultaneously Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation is done 6 -10 times (once in month) to improve, qualities of the skin, fairness, uniform tone of quality colour, smoothness of the skin & to eradicate acne/dark spots/dark discolouration (tanning).

j)SCAARFX® Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser:SCAARTM is most deep and effective patented technology of the world made available by us even before its availabillity in Munbai. It is used to improve scars of burns, accident, acne/pimple etc.

Possible Complication: All good effective procedures have some temperary side effect. But to get good longer lasting result, one should not keep fear of these temporary effects. These effects are temporary swelling, crush and mild pigmentation.

Achievement of results: Percentage of result achieved depends upon type, severity, duration of problem of technology and type of skin resurfacing procedure, combination of ablative and non-ablative laser procedures, duration of follow up after procedure. Results improve further if facial skin resurfacing procedure is repeated on certain areas once or twice and/or non-ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation procedure is done afterward for 6-10 times.

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