Multiple Cosmetic Problems on the Skin:

In India most of us have following common cosmetic problems on the face e.g. uneven colour tone of the skin, darker colourtone, dark patches, darker thickened areas (Specially on the fore head, side of eyes, around of eyes (periorbital dark circle) & mouth, (perioral melanosis), acne scars, other, scars, unwanted hair, tattoo, hyperpigmentation, mellasma, mild to severe photo damage changes, moles, DPN spots, junctional naevi, static & dynamic wrinkles (Ageing changes) etc. Generally after the age, of 14 yrs skin on the slowly changes from its normal nature to oily nature in most of us & dry nature in few of us. With increase in age, features of the aging on the skin increase slowly. Photodamage changes on the skin of the face in the form of increase darker colour tone & slightly thickened dark layer (around mouth, eye, on forehead, near nostril ) are seen in certain areas. Fine wrinkle appear around eyes & forehead. Those slowly become prominent. Nosal-labial furrows or crease increases slowly on theside of the nose to the angle of the mouth. These are sometimes uneven bilaterally. Deep furrows may have deep wrinkles in deeper part of the furrow. Extra fat and skin may also be present. If skin is pulled up, furrows and folds improve. Such furrows create appearance of more age and sad look. Jowls develop near lower line of the jaw, DPN spots, junctional naevi, compound moles grow slowly over period of years & are often neglected by most of the persons. Dark thickened layer may be seen in naso-labial fold area, angle of mouth, depressed area below lower lip, on other side of eyes, forehead, lower half of junctional area of nose & cheek.

Skin continuously undergoes reformation. Balance of formation of new cells & destruction of weak cells decides quality of beauty of the skin.

Methods for non-surgical/ non ablative rejuvenation of the skin:

  1. Laser skin rejuvenation. (e.g. Laser facial skin rejuvenation)
  2. IPL skin rejuvenation.
  3. mild to moderate chemical peels
  4. crystal microdermabrasion, diamond microdermabrasion (skin polishing)
  5. mesotherapy
  6. electroporation
  7. iontoeporesis
  8. ultra sonic wave rejuvenation
  9. skin tightening with radio frequency, infrared lasers.

'Non ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation' is most modern & most effective treatment of choice among all these above methods of non surgical or non ablative skin rejuvenation.

These above mentioned methods of non surgical rejuvenation are mildly effective & 3-10 sittings are taken as course of medical cosmetic treatment at certain interval to create & longer lasting benefits. The methods need repetition at certain interval in comparison to surgical skin rejuvenation. These methods are preferred in mild to moderate cases or those who want mild & temporary results. These methods are also preferred in moderate to severe cases when patient do not prefer surgical or ablative methods of skin rejuvenation or when that individual want limited benefit. However treatment repetition of these procedures or combine use of two or more types of these procedures is advised for better improvement. When person has strong problem such combination is used for to obtain results which last long. Duration of such longer lasting varies from 6 months for 3 year. During period if person use preparations like moisturize, skin protection under doctors supervision the results will last for longer period.

Non ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation and chemical peels are more effective than crystal microdermabrasion & diamond micro dermabrasion (Non laser skin polishing). Ultra sonic drug delivery treatment or iontophoresis, or electroporation are supportive treatment methods of skin rejuvenation. Any one of these procedures can be used simultaneously or in alternate manner or in combination to achieve better results. We have developed multiple types & packages of laser facial skin rejuvenation treatment like Delux laser facial, plus ultimate laser facial. These are combination of various technologies for effective results even in severe form of cosmetic problems and long standing problems. You get examined by our expert. Try to understand various technologies & then choose suggested technology that full fills your expectation & is within your budget.

Methods of surgical or ablative rejuvenation (or resurfacing) of the skin:

1. Ablative laser skin resurfacing: (With Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser, (best) SuperPulse® /pixel Fractional Co2 Laser Erbium YAG Laser)

2. Stronger Chemical peels

3. Dermaroller / microneedling /Rf microneedling

4. Dermabrasion

Ablative laser resurfacing is most effective in all these above mentioned procedures. Out of ablative laser resurfancig varieties, Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing is most effective & preferred treatment of choice. If true Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser machine technology is not available or if person wants low budget treatment then super pulse fractional / pixel Co2 laser skin resurfacing may be suggested. Those experts who do not have facility for ablative laser skin resurfacing may use strong chemical peels & micro needling. But these procedures are less effective as compared to Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing. Chemical peeling can also be done after other photo rejuvenation laser treatment for better results. Dermabrasion is not preferred because better effective methods are available.

Those who want dramatic improvement or those who have long standing problems should undergo ablative UltraPlus® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing and non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation.

One needs to choose any of these methods in consultation with medical expert. Depending upon diagnosis of problem, severity of problem, type of problems, your expectations, financial budget & facilities available in the clinic, doctor advises you preferred methods. In India many person come late to cosmetic physician for treatment of the skin. Most of the person have not taken any medical maintenance care of the skin. So most of them need combination of methods or technologies to treat multiple types of cosmetic problem. Each problem needs different follow up time. Results often depend of upon quality of technology used for treatment e.g. quality of laser machines.

Variable management of cosmetic skin treatment among various persons: One can take one sitting of 'laser facial' or non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation per month for 6 to 10 months to create effective and longer lasting results. Depending upon severity of problem, response of the skin & your expectations one can repeat it after 2-6 months gap. So those who have more or stronger problem or more expectations should take additional ablative laser treatment or combination of ablative & non ablative treatment (skin resurfacing -skin sub surfacing) or more sessions or additional other procedures. Discuss with your cosmetic expert about such additional supportive methods of treatment. In case of long standing cosmetic problem or severe problem or if you want more results, we need use of 2-5 technologies in sequence for drastic changes in beauty of the skin or one we need of 2-5 technologies in squares. For obtaining drastic improvement in beauty of the skin one needs to tolerate peeled flakes of the skin & some dryness of the skin for some period. One may use extra amount of or frequent use of moisturizer to overcome intermittent dryness of the skin.

Varieties of Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation Procedures:

Depending upon degree of damage, ageing changes, number of variety of changes, extent of expectations of the patient and financial budget of patient planning of medical cosmetic & laser treatment is done and types of treatment procedures are decided.

Non-ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation & ablative Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing are most effective common, treatment procedures which are most demanded by people.

Most of us who want to preserve youthful appearance of the skin need these procedures after age of 35-40 years. So also we want to reduce visible ageing/photodamage changes, diseased changes developed so far. To improve problems of acne, acne scars, dark layers, dark spots, darker tone of the skin, unevenness of colour tone & to nullify photo damage most of young persons also need these procedures, To treat early aging changes & photodamage changes these are effective procedures even in middle & young age.

  • Non ablative laser procedure/Laser facial skin rejuvenation: For improving skin glow, fairness, smoothness of skin texture, improvement in skin quality or health of the skin, reduction in pimple & oilyness take laser facial skin rejuvenation treatment. There are varieties of laser facial skin rejuvenation procedures depending upon expectation of person & severity of the problem. For details see chapter no. 4.2

  • Ablative laser procedure Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing: For improving acne scars dark layers on the skin, ercess darkness around eyes and mouth wrinkles, scars looseness of the skin, undergo Ultra-Plus® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing. For details see chapter no. 4.3

  • Total Skin Rejuvenation: This is done when person has more severe cosmetic problem. Both above procedures are done at the gap of certain interval. For details see chapter no. 4.4

Follow maintenance plan after rejuvenation procedure:

What to do when treatment of laser skin rejuvenation is finished?

If you wants good, fair, glowing skin, keep follow up medical skin care once in 3-6 months. In this modern world of pollution, stress & modern lifestyle even healthy skin needs medical cosmetic maintenance care at certain interval to prolong youth fullness of the skin. After achieving good improvement with laser facial skin rejuvenation procedure, one needs to follow beauty and youthful maintenance plan which varies from person to person. Discuss with your cosmetic physician & prepare follow up cosmetic care plan for your skin.

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