Nature gives us health & beauty. Our good education & training can prolong them over whole life

Seek Knowledge: Everybody should educate oneself to understand how to take scientific care of one's health and beauty. Health is beautiful but every healthy person may not be beautiful because most part of population consider fairness of skin as only sign of beauty. Some consider glow as sign of beauty. Natural glow indicate good health of skin. So, also every person appearing beautiful may not be healthy. Due to various reasons beauty of the skin and normal condition of skin has shorter life. One needs to take care to prolong its life.

Due to fear of losing beauty & strong internal urge to improve or maintain beauty person becomes emotional. When it comes to improve beauty & to maintain quality of beauty, emotional thinking makes the person more confused & such person may tend to take wrong decisions or tend to delay in making right decision or tend to postpone implementation of right decisions. An advantage of this mentality is taken by advertisers. They spend a lot of money on adverting to attract a rather than educate masses.

Do not be victim of advertisement, over assurance, & emotion based counseling:

We spend more on purchasing advertised commercial cosmetics and less on self-education about health, beauty and its maintenance with the help of doctor. Enlighten & train ourself to maintain beauty in our own case. Take help of medical cosmetic maintenance care for maintaining our beauty regularly. Let ustake decision right time. Let usimplement our decision at right time. If our decision is not right. It leads to more cosmetic problems or conversion of easily treatable problem into resistant cosmetic problems we often implement right decision late.

Start cosmetic medical treatment at right time:

Mission is of cosmetic treatment to undo the damage which persons have done in their 20's and 30's due to compelling wish to enjoy thrill of life & exposure to sunlight/ screen of computer/TV. self-use of cosmetics & paramedical cosmetic treatment . So we tend to develop uneven colour tone, darker colour tone, darker areas, darker patches, wrinkles, rough texture of the skin, resistant or recurrent acne, complications of acne.

Let us avoid photodamage we must think of undoing some of the damage individual has done in 2nd and 3rd decade of life. Now a days, skin aging often starts at 20 to 30 years of age. So many youths show early signs of photodamage and photo aging on the skin. Photodamage is due to undue exposure to strong sunlight & strong artificial light.

Why does our skin become so problematic?

Many of us use cosmetics on our own & regularly visit beauty parlours or health spas to consult non-medical beauty expert. Such efforts may improve appearance but doesn not improve health of the skin. Many of us rarely consult medical cosmetic expert. So scientific care medical cosmetic care is not taken by many of us. We need to visit cosmetic medical expert for cosmetic healthcare. Start taking medical cosmetic care earlier for better results. Between 15 to 35 years of age one need take treatment for problems on the skin surface only e.g. unwanted hair, acne scars, other scars, pigmented areas, raised spot, DPN spots, junctional naevi. As age advances after 35 years one develops, looseness of muscles, wrinkles, changes in shape of bones (due to bone resorption). In such cases one may need cosmetic surgery.

Medical cosmetic problem: Facial & bleaching methods in beauty parlours & spas are non-medical cosmetic procedures which are popular among general population to maintain or to improve normal skin. But when skin become frequently abnormal or unhealthy (e.g. oily, dry) let us not depend on these procedures. We should take support of medical cosmetic treatment.

Beauty parlour procedures (Non-medical procedures): Are they really beneficial? To whom? How long?

Most of people prefer to undergo facials & bleaching methods from non-medical parlours to improve beauty for some period. These non-medical procedures are meant to improve appearance of normal skin. These procedures are not meant to treat medical problems which cause pigmentation, acne, oiliness, enlarged pores, roughness of the skin, as medical line of cosmetic treatment. These methods improve appearance of skin surface for some period but do not reduce underlying medical cosmetic problems & their causes. These parlour procedures do not improve health of the skin. These methods are cheaper. These methods are like first aid. Temporarily use them till you do not want to take cosmetic medical treatment. But use of such non-medical procedures for longer period may neglect and increase medical cosmetic problem & may make it resistant to medical cosmetic treatment.

As a women we spend lot of money on ornaments & clothes but very few of us spend enough amount of money on medical cosmetic treatment and preventive skin care. Face is an ornament. Do not maintain it with sub-standard methods. Many of us who do not bother for DPN spots, scars, naevi, dark spots, acne scars on face during intial period of development.

Unfair use of fairness improving and anti-aging: We over use cosmetics to suppress flaws on the face, so we silently & slowly tend to suffer from toxic effects of cosmetics in skin. Such skin needs detoxification of the skin & also of the body. So many of us continue to use advertised fairness improving and other cosmetic products for years together. Initially we may feel better but later on we do not improve beyond certain limit. Rather we tend to become dependent on these creams. Often we do not find proportionate increase in fairness, health & quality of the skin. Large number of persons over use such cosmetics for long period of years inspite of unsatisfactory benefit. We tend any suffer from addiction or dependence on these cream & suffer from side effects of these cosmetics.

Beware of using cosmetics without consulting our doctor!

How long we should continue to use in same cosmetics? When should one change it? Which types of moisturizer / sunscreen we should use?

To find out answer for our own skin let us consult our cosmetic physician.

We try to manage their skin care program on our own or with the help of non-medical cosmetic person. We do not take consultation of medical experts from time to time. So quality of skin deteriorates in spite of conscious use of cosmetics. Now a days we see more cosmetic flows on the face in spite of use of cosmetic for long period & frequently visit to parlour/spas. Why?

In recent few years, concept of cosmetic medical treatment has become more popular and more matured. General population has become more aware of it.

We often bother more for beauty than health maintenance care. Many beauty problems are due to ignorancy about skin care, general health care and lack of health maintenance care.

Lack of coordination among cosmetic manufacturer beautician, spas, family physician, cosmetic physician and surgeon: There is fierce competition between markets of cosmetics & cosmetic medicines. Such competition is also seen between non-medical cosmetic expert & medical cosmetic experts. So also these four groups are facing intra group competitions. So everybody tries to project that only his product or services will make individual beautiful. They may criticize other group or they may create & spread misunderstanding about treatment of other group. All these groups need to work in co-ordination to give maximum benefit to person or customer.

How skin is often spoil in young age?

Youths neglect proper skin care. Youths mismanage use of beauty improving product & self-medication. Young people always think that, their skin will continue to look young forever. They take beauty for granted. So, in an attempt to enjoy life or to live life happily, they neglect to adopt good habits and to maintain good health. They are also interested in attracting friends of opposite sex. So they tend to undergo unwanted non-medical cosmetic procedure or self-use cosmetics or bleaching medicines. Thus, many youths unknowingly damage their skin during their 20's and 30's. which may not improve satisfactorily later on in spite of enough treatment. Some girls & boys face problems of delay in getting life partner due to flaws on the face such as take acne scars, dark spots. These persons tend mismanage their cosmetic problem & cosmetic skin care, which results in less satisfactory results or increase in problem.

Do this: Everybody of us need genuine knowledge of health & cosmetic care. One should learn to take right meaning of information published in advertises, sponsored articles in media, commercially motivated programs. Pollution of basic concepts are often seen in common person & so called expert equally.

Use moisturizer regularly. On oily skin use lotion based moisturizer and sunscreen. On dry skin use cream based preparation. During dry winter season cream based preparations are preferred.

Protect skin from sunlight, strong artificial lights, over exposure in front of T.V. and computer screen.

Keep good health and healthy life style. Take balanced diet and avoid readymade food, junk food, bakery products, soft drinks, tobacco products, alcohol, excess tea/coffee.

Do not neglect mild cosmetic problem. Do not postpone cosmetic medical treatment by attempting home treatment and parlour procedures.

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