Need of cosmetic surgery is growing

In this world of competition and dynamism, due to cultural impact, many persons want to look beautiful & smart. Beautiful people tend to be more successful. Improvement in appearance boost confidence & feeling of social acceptance still many people think that spending money on cosmetic surgery is a bit silly and so in spite of having money and freedom of decision, they significantly postpone implementation of decision & seek pleasure of own beauty. Thus, many patients delay in decision making. Cosmetic surgery was never so much safe and standardized as it is now. So, paying to look beautiful, and to fulfill one's need to improve professional life, social life & personal life is more acceptable. Cosmetic surgery changes the look of the person and helps to change feel of individual about oneself. Therefore we find that more and more people are undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic procedures are for all those who want to look young & stay to be young irrespective of the age.

Nowadays most of us have some facial flaws and signs of premature aging, which undermines self-confidence. These are provoked by sun damage & general health problems. These are in the form of scars, wrinkles, dark spots, moles, browptosis, periorbital melanosis, dynamic & static wrinkles, defect in shape of nose, chin, cheek, jaws, forehead etc.

What is cosmetic surgery?

It is subspeciality of enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical techniques. So, it maintains normal appearance, restores normal appearance and enhances the look. This surgery is directed to all areas of head, neck and body. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) Ultra-Pulse® CO2 resurfacing of the skin of the face and skin anywhere on the body, face rejuvenation, hair transplant, breast augmentation, liposuction are common procedures. Among older patients, facelift, breast lift, blepharoplasty, CO2 laser resurfacing of irregular or rough surface of the skin (on the face or anywhere on the body), tissue/ fat transplant, fillers and botox are more common procedures.

Cosmetic surgery technique:

With recent advances, many new friendly techniques have developed. So, current trend is to use smallest possible incision, shortest down time, early recovery.

So, concept of virtually scarless surgery started by putting incisions in hidden part. For cheek augmentation, for chin augmentation, buttocks augmentation incisions are placed in non-visible part.

Most of the cosmetic surgeries are the 'finest' products available for the best value. Benefits are not only in the form of improvement in physical appearance but also in terms of improvement in mental and social factors. Recovery is made convenient and comfortable. So, many women or even men want to undergo cosmetic surgery before marriage to become a trophy bride or trophy bridegroom.

More sophisticated machines are now available for sophisticated rejuvenation of the face & body. So, with quicker healing and less problems after the cosmetic surgery, its popularity is increasing. UltraPlus® fractional CO2 laser encore of Lumenis (America), and radio frequency cauterization units are most effective.

Cosmetic cocktailing:

Sometimes two or more cosmetic procedures are done simultaneously e.g. brow lift with blepharoplaty with botox, rhinoplasty & chinplasty.

Why you should undergo cosmetic surgery?

Think thoroughly & positively but do not think in a negative way before taking decision of cosmetic surgery:

Many people still feel that spending money on the cosmetic treatment or surgery is bit silly and so in spite of their own need, they tend to avoid to undergo such surgery & continue to expose oneself to feeling of inferiority at subconscious level for years together. There is nothing odd in undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Some people want to undergo cosmetic surgery but they think it is costly. In modern era why one should tolerate flaws on the face & body when good cosmetic & laser treatment facilities are available. In modern days of competition and persistent progress, it is always safe and beneficial to pay for looking good. Improving one's own beauty is need of personality fulfillment of the individual. Such need helps to feel more confident and so you do work in better way. People spend few extra lakhs of rupees on better care, drawing room & ornaments. But often they neglect ornament of personally i.e. face. They continue to live for year with prominent flaws on face. They often undergo cheaper, temporary & less effective non-medical cosmetic procedure rather that cosmetic medical problems.

Cosmetic surgery certainly improves appearance. So, confidence and self-esteem also increases. Cosmetic surgery leads to changes in the concerned parts of body but also creates changes that are more than skin deep. About two crore people all over the world receive some sort of cosmetic surgical enhancement every year. So, you are not alone when it comes to finding ideal way to pricely procedures. Factors like expertise, efforts, time decide charges. Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance policies.

Due to fear for losing career, middle aged people are anxious to halt aging process of their body. Cosmetic medical procedures & surgery makes them feel better. Trends of cosmetic treatment is healthy sign of progress in pursuit of self-esteem. The procedures are procured by patient not for a quest of glamour but for self-respect. So, many people wear clothes of young people style without shyness and these clothes fit optimally.

Nowadays, the techniques of cosmetic surgeries have become less invasive, often there is early recovery. When somebody expresses his wish to undergo cosmetic surgery often relatives and friends say, "You do not need cosmetic surgery". Actually the individual does not want to look old and so many undergo cosmetic surgical procedure in spite of opposing opinions of relatives or friends.

About fifty per cent people having cosmetic problems undergo cosmetics surgery because they want to look younger and smarter. Thirty three per cent patients want to improve the appearance in their career (to look less tired), ten per cent want to improve their appearance for better opportunities of dating, remarriage and to avoid problem of divorce. Cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures are becoming more common and more acceptable. All procedures are not for everyone. Cosmetic surgeon is better judge to decide which procedures will help in a particular person. He learns to plan for the better approach to improve one's look.

Self-motivation is the best motivation. So, do not undergo cosmetic surgery because others say so. Be self-motivated for such procedures. Well informed patient is most likely to end up as a satisfied patient.

There is nothing like guess work or surprise in cosmetic surgery. Every patient is different. Every patient's needs and results are different. Only try to know in short what exactly surgeon will do.

For young people cosmetic laser treatment & surgeries open new gates of opportunities for being selected job which require smart personalities.

Never shop or bargain:

In modern market of competition, we have learnt that those who provide qualitative service and do qualitative job charge accordingly. Standard people do not compromise for quality. When you shop, you bargain and try to pay less and you feel you have won but indirectly it affects the quality of results which you achieve.

Choosing cosmetic surgery:

Try to understand your cosmetic problem. Find out which cosmetic problems you feel important. It should be treated first. Find out multiple ways of cosmetic treatments available & their limitations.

Cosmetic surgery is not a commodity like a bag or tie when one size fits all. So, let cosmetic surgeon know what you want. Then he will decide whether you really need cosmetic procedure and which procedure is the best for you. Always try to understand the benefits and the risks of every procedure. Keep realistic expectation about the potential results of surgery.


During consultation, let doctor know how you feel about your appearance, what you believe, how others see you and how you would prefer to look and feel. If possible tell your doctor why you want to undergo cosmetic procedure. Speak candidly about the changes you will like to feel. At the end of consultation try to assess whether you and your surgeon have understood each other completely. Try to understand how much surgeon's skill works, how much is extent of your cosmetic flaw and how much are nature's limitations. Try to take compromising decision rather than one sided decision.

Many of the persons have to undergo multiple cosmetic treatment procedures at a time due to variety of effects caused by lack of good skin care, wrong care, ageing, photo damage & other problem e.g. Dark circle around eyes, taning of the skin, uneven colour tone of the skin, scars, roughness on the face, wrinkles, acne, post acne scars-post acne dark spots, melanoma, perioral melanosis e.g. In addition one may have problems like shape of the nose, chin, face etc.

Do not schedule surgeon when you are very busy or if you have emotionally burden because recovery is prolonged. If you are consulting surgeon and if you are not able to get answer you want to hear, probably problem is not correctable and it may be non-physical.

Who should not undergo cosmetic surgery?

If you try to achieve your goal of overcoming crisis in your life through an unrelated change in your external appearance, do not choose cosmetic surgery. First overcome the crisis e.g. loss of job, divorce, death of a spouse. If you have unrealistic expectations having nose or face like any celebrity, restoring original perfection following severe accident or severe illness or expecting appearance of youth of many decades past or you feel that you may easily want to acquire celebrity life style after cosmetic surgery do not undergo cosmetic surgery. If you are not able to give proper answer of why you feel need of this cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgeon may not select you for surgery. If you feel that after removing minor defect in your appearance, life will be perfect, do not choose cosmetic surgery. Elimination of minor defect has no relation with making life perfect. So, many people live their life successfully in spite of gross defect in appearance. e.g. Late Dada Kondke, Late Charlie Chaplin. If you are taking psychological or psychiatric treatment do not undergo cosmetic procedures because it is not your urgent need and this procedure will not solve your problem of mental health, social /professional career and frustration. First psychiatric treatment is compulsory. In cosmetic surgery, the patient who is expecting 100 per cent result is not good candidate.

Ideal patient for cosmetic surgery:

An ideal patient for cosmetic surgery is one who realizes that surgery will not necessarily change his life or make him successful in career or improve existing disturbed relationship. He accepts that he wants to change shape of part of body. It helps to see himself in more positive way and probably improve self-esteem. It is not the body which helps you to participate in improvement of your progress but it is your skill, experiences, intelligence, education and knowledge which helps to take care of your own progress. Cosmetic improvement provides adjoining support and not main support. The person who realizes this fact experiences multifaceted joy after cosmetic surgery. Those who do not understand this fact and think that only surgery will provide them joy should not undergo cosmetic surgery.

In the world, more than two million people undergo cosmetic surgery.UltraPlus®CO2 laser skin resurfacing ( for acne scar, aging face, wrinkles, dark layers on the skin), scar excision, liposuction, hair transplant, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) breast augmentation, eye lid surgery and face lift are commonest. Out of them, women are 90%. In men, hair transplant, liposuction, eyelid surgery, face lift, cheek implant, chin implants, rhinoplasty and correction of gynaecomastia are commonly done. In teenager rhinoplasty is commonest procedure. 45% patient undergoes multiple procedures of cosmetic surgeries.

Caution: Do not choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to influence a change in someone other than your-self. You might end up disappointmented.

Fashion: Primary goal of fashion is to keep things & person's feelings fresh.

Beware of criticizer.

How to adjust with change in appearance?

If cosmetic surgery, will make dramatic change in your appearance post-operative adjustment takes longer time. Try to accept your redefined body image on your own, as it helps to make you well versed with your-self. After surgery, it is better to have some one who understands you and gives emotional support and physical help. Even most independent person may need emotional support. After surgery one may likely to feel depressed and unpleasant. It is temporary phenomenon provoked by swelling, bruises, discomfort, anxiety & doubt. After treatment do not depend on comments of other's to assess the results. Because they are not the expert. One often become restless not because of surgery but because of such comments often one feels, "whether I will really get results in improvement or aggravation of the problem". "Wheather my money have been wasted?" Due to such depression & unpleasantness, one may feel stress, exhaustion, metabolic change or frustration of waiting for the results to appear. One may feel depression temporarily due to anxiety about results. It usually recorrects within a week. So, take brisk walk, involve in social activity, be busy with your hobbies and have small out goings.

After cosmetic procedure if you are not happy or others are criticizing:-

We can have control on ourselves and our thinking, speaking and accepting. But we cannot have control on others and on their thinking, speaking, commenting and accepting. Generally, more than 60% people in the community have dominant negativity in personality. So, they have habit of giving negative advice and negative comment for others even if others do not ask. They just want to dominate others through their negative approach and want to prove how they are right and how others are wrong. They insist that their opinion must be respected but accepted by others. If others do not accept, then, they make it prestige issue. They do not think whether they are really commenting in proper manner and whether it will create positive effects. Beware from such persons who may be your family member, relative or friend.

Some people have a habit of passing negative comments. Such people may be your friend or relative so be prepared to hear their shocking comments. You may say, "I have done this for myself and let me be content with what I have. Let me want for enough time to appear final results."

Why should I undergo cosmetic surgery procedures?

Most of us have some cosmetic problem. So, everybody of us need some cosmetic therapy or some cosmetic procedure. Analyse your cosmetic problem. Accept these problems. Consult cosmetic surgeon to assess one's problem. Let him know your expectations about your own look. Then cosmetic surgeon will guide you & then take decision.

Are cosmetic surgeries safe & without danger?

Cosmetic surgery is like other planned surgeries. Each surgery has its share of risks but with modern technique these risks are greatly reduced. Surgeries are done with great safety.

How many cosmetic procedures can be done in the same individual at a time?

All cosmetic surgeries are done at discretion and on demand of patient. More than one cosmetic surgical procedures can be done at a time. It saves patient's down time. It is economical. But the risk may increase in some of the patients having other physical problem.

Why one should undergo cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery helps to make changes that are more than skin deep. It enhances confidence and personal self-esteem.

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