Ablative/surgical Laser facial skin rejuvenation or skin resurfacing: Various technologies - Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserhas worlds topmost 'ActiveFXTM' ,'DeepFXTM','TotalFXTM','SCAARFXTM' , true spot,Selective resurfacing laser technologies, Pigment FX and CO2 light laser skin resurfacing which are available with us. Very few centres in the world's provide such high quality skin resurfacing technologies.

True Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing procedure is done to produce dramatic improvement in moderate to severe problem of the skin on the face in comparison to other lasers. Young, adults & elder persons who have acne scars, depressed scars, scars with more uneven surface, prominently enlarged raised spots, multiple moles; looseness of the skin wrinkles can undergo laser skin resurfacing. It improves roughness, scars of acne-burn or any other injury. It reduces thickened dark layers, wrinkles & looseness of the skin dramatically. Multiple DPN spots, moles, junctional naevi's can be removed in the same sittings. This procedure is done in 1 to 3 sittings.

Hybrid combinations of treatment: If this procedure is done in sequence with tissue transplant in acne scar treatment results are more dramatic. If this procedure is done after fat grafting skin quality, rejuvenation and youthful appearance of face improves dramatic. Combination of CO2 laser resurfacing and Q-switch laser facial skin rejuvenation gives better results.

Types of Ultrapulse®fractional CO2 laser skin Resurfacing:

Ultra-pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing is most advanced & best technology in the world. We provide its following various effective methods:

  • ActiveFXTM Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing: To treat uniformly darker layers on the skin surface, any types of mild scars, fine line, mild wrinkles, enlarged pores, moderate dark circle & dark rough lip, this is best treatment. (0.5 mm depth)
  • DeepFXTM Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing: To uniformly treat moderate to severe scars of acne / burn / inflammation, uneven surface of the skin, roughness, wrinkles, & looseness of the skin, this treatment is chosen. (1.7 mm depth)

  • TotalFXTM Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing: When person has severe problem or when person wants very good uniform improvement then above mentioned ActiveFXTMUltra-Pulse®fractional CO2 lasertreatment and DeepFXTM , Ultra-Pulse ®fractional CO2 Laser treatment are done in uniform manner in the same sitting. (selectively variable depth (0.5 to 4 mm depth))

  • Ultimate TotalFXTM Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing: In certain persons severity of problem is not uniform. There are lots of variation in types, size & depth of problems. These problems are of different kinds. So in such cases above technique of TotalFXTM Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laseruniform skin resurfacing is combined with additional, selective skin resurfacing on certain points: So it is the best of all these methods to produces excellent results when problem is moderate to severe & person wants very good improvement.

  • Ultimate deep TotalFXTM Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing. It is like Ultimate TotalFXTM but addition to most 'SCAARFXTM' technology is additional use. (4 mm depth)

  • Ultimate double deep TotalFXTMUltra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laserskin resurfacing of 2 mm size of rays is used additionally. (4 mm depth)

To resurface the skin true Ultra-Pulse ®fractional CO2 Laser skin resurfacing is ultimate method. There are other methods available eg. Superpulse fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, superpulse pixel CO2 laser resurfacing, Radio frequency resurfacing but these are less effective methods & these are required to do 3-6 times. (refer chapter 4.3)

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