There are two types of methods of skin rejuvenation. These are Non-surgical/non-ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation (mentioned below) and Surgical/ ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation(see next 2.7 subchapter)

(A) Non-Surgical or Non-ablative Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation:

Non ablative laser skin rejuvenation/ Laser skin polishing/Photo Facial Skin rejuvenation/ Non-ablative laser peel

Non ablative laser facial means skin sub resurfacing or rejuvenation without any harm. a) to improve quality and health of the skin b) to improve fairness, glow, quality, tightness, oiliness/dryness, softness, tone, brightness and smoothness of the skin, c) to reduce or to eradicate pimples, dark stains or spots, darkness and to reduce size of the pores, on the face, surface of eyelid, lip, neck, hands, back etc. It can be done in all age groups who want to improve youthful look, quality and health of the skin. It is helpful to all women who want to attend important function or program or who want to get exposed to camera recording.

'Laser Facial' Skin Rejuvenation With Top flat beam of Q Switch Nd:YAG laser:

Some persons have acne, acne marks, pigmentation & some dark spots on the face back. Some have excessive tanning &/or dark spots on exposed part of the skin (face, hands and back), enlarged pores, dark spot (non - thickened) freckles, mild static wrinkles & mild looseness of the skin. To solve or to reduce these problems this laser facial is done to make the skin more fair, smooth fresh, glowing, better in quality & healthy, this procedure is done. Those who do not want to undergo ablative Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 skin resurfacing can undergo only this non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment, such as laser facial rejuvenation.

This procedure is done in 6-10 session at a gap of 30-45 days. No down time is required. One can go to work immediately. Some persons who have bad quality of the skin bad or substandard health need skin care maintenance session at interval of 3 to 6 months. Those who want longer lasting result should take of package of at least 6 to 10 sessions or sittings. Take each sitting at gap of 1 month. The results persist for 1-3 years, depending on skin maintenance care programme which each one follows.

We have most advanced nano technology i.e. Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser machine from United States of America (USA) called Medlite C-6 HOYA Con Bio America, (refer Which is the most suited to Indian skin. Hyperpigmented spots, dark spots & wrinkles on the skin gradually reduce or disappear. Skin becomes more tight. Aging appearance of the skin reduces dramatically.

Use of various combinations of technologies: More combinations of technologies give better percentage of improvement.

a) Laser Facial:(One machine Technology)

b) Plus Laser Facial: (Two machines' Technologies)

c) Delux Laser Facial: (Three machines'Technologies)

d) Ultimate Laser Facial: (Four machines' Technologies) (see chapter no. 4.2)

Everybody improves. Percentage of improvement depends on type of skin, quality of skin, associated problems, regularity of follow up and medical maintenance care in future.

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