Everybody has some unwanted hairs on the body which reduce quality of beauty of the face & body. In women, such hairs are more common on their face & body. In males, unwanted hairs are present on non-beard area of face (Especially on upper part of cheek area in between two eye brows, area around eye brow area), chest, back, forearm, legs abdomen area around nipple, etc. Those who loose hair on the head earlier tend to have stronger & more number of hair on other parts of the body. Most of these persons may likely to develop problem of unwanted hair at any time in life.

Hairs on the head are the most valuable ornament of women. But unwanted hair on the face & other part of body spoils beauty of women. If these unwanted hair are not removed, by scientific medical laser methods, then they continue to hurt the mind. Other methods of hair reduction like threading, waxing, plucking are nonscientific, temporary & more bothersome for life time. Hair on upper lip, chin, forehead, ear pinna, neck, under arm, fore arms, axilla, bikini lines, legs, thighs and back are considered as uncultured.

Problems of unwanted hair on the body are increasing men & women countless women and men are tired of having unwanted hair on the face and other parts of the body. 'Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD, PCOS) is called as thief of woman hood'. Day by day more and more ladies of new generation are facing this problem frequently. These women face problem of unwanted hair on the face & body, excess acne, oily skin, pigmentation, overweight & its complication. It changes mind & personality of woman. In men, excess unwanted hairs are present on chest, abdomen, pinna of ear, area below eyebrow, area on the nose and in nose. Some men have excess thick and fast growing hair on beard area. Unwanted hairs are also present in between eyebrows and these unwanted hairs irregularly shape the eyebrows and make them less attractive. To make these eyebrows and beard in permanently attractive shape, laser treatment is useful. Even men who want to be free from shaving or those men, who want to reduce extra thick hair of beard, choose to undergo laser hair removal at our centre.

To remove unwanted hair, without any harm we have imported most advanced LP Nd:YAG laser system and Intense Pulse Light system which not only removes hair but also makes the skin fairer and bright. This is the latest treatment to remove unwanted hair. These laser systems make the skin free from wrinkles and pigmentation.

White Hair:

White hair can be removed with the help of ablative laser or Radio Frequency.

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