FUT and FUE methods, Body hair transplant:

Live hair roots can be transplanted by two methods at our center. These are Follicular Unit Transplant method (FUT) & Follicular Unit Extract method (FUE).

In Follicular unit transplant method (FUT) strip of skin is removed from back part of head. Follicular unit grafts are prepared from this strip. These are transplanted front part of the head or other parts like beard area, eye brow area etc. In this method there is less loss of grafts & more number of grafts can be transplanted in single sitting.

In Follicular unit extract method (FUE) each follicular hair unit is removed one by one from back part of head or from other the body & then these are transplanted in on head or other parts of the body. In this method graft transaction is high so less grafts are transplanted.

Hair transplant is the only treatment of for getting long lasting hair on head. Other methods are temporary in nature. In long term these other methods are not much effective & more costly. (refer chapter10.1)

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