Centre of world's Top most, safest & most effective lasers in North Maharashtra.

Look Young Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center®is a place where you will find the world's top most unique & revolutionarytechniques of Laser skin resurfacing/scar resurfacing (by Ultra-Pulse® fractional )and Total laser facial skin rejuvenation or total renovation of skin. We offer worlds topmost scar resurfacing technologies like Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser 'ActiveFXTM' 'DeepFXTM' 'TotalFXTM' 'SCAARFXTM' ( Selective resurfacing 'True spot resurfacing' Pigment FX, CO2 light laser skin resurfacing. Non ablative sub surfacing etc. very few centre in the worlds offer so much range of skin resurfacing technologies.

We use most advanced technologies of leading brands in world such as most powerful Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser (refer., & Medlite C-6 HOYA Con Bio America, (ref. synchro HP (Deka) etc. Some of these machines are not available even in metropolitan cities of India.

We also follow most effective modern Ultra-Pulse®fractinal CO2 laser skin resurfacing & scar resurfacing techniques to improve acne scars & depressions, elevations, pigmentation, sun damage (photodamage), aging problems, wrinkles, dark spots & other changes on the skin, burn scar, stretch marks with the help of our most valuable multiple laser equipments & expert laser cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologist's & plastic surgeon's help. We routinely carry out laser hair removal & hair reduction with most preferred laser machine of the world from Deka (Italy). Our center also provides techniques like fat injection, fat grafting (liposculpture), fillers. (Perlane, Restylane), botox & mesotherapy.

Our centre is well-equipped for various cosmetic surgical procedures such as True Ultra-Pulse®CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing, FUE & FUT hair transplant, power liposuction, Nose reshaping surgeries, face lift, reshaping of nose, lip augmentation, lip reduction & also neck lift. We have facilities of breast lift, breast implant augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction of belly, buttocks & rest of the body to achieve body rejuvenation & body contouring. We routinely carry out eye brow lift & blepharoplasties. We implant special scarless technique for lower eyelid eye bags.

Skin of every person is different.Everybody faces different types of skin cosmetic problems. Therefore, needs of cosmetic treatment modalities are different in each individual. That is why we provide tailer made unique & individualized service.

We offer you right of beautiful skin& beauty/ body parts. Hence, your variety of beauty problems can be cured/ improved in all cases with best technologies & techniques in the world.

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