Scars, birth marks, aging

Some patients develop hypertrophied scar or prominent thick scar or keloid. These can be treated super most laser technology in the world 'SCAARFXTM'with Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laser (Officially recognized only procedure; depth of penetration 4 mm), LP Nd: YAG laser, pulse dye laser, & IPL available in our centre. One may need 4 to 10 sessions at interval of one month. We also use serial scar excision cosmetic surgery methods, skin grafting, plastic surgery procedures. One may need one or more sittings depending on the size.(refer chapter 4.3, chapter 4.4)

Treatment of burn scars or wide scars of old injuries:

  • Ablative laser treatment:
  • With the help of world class 'DeepFXTM'& 'SCAARFXTM' modes of Ultra-Pulse® fractional CO2 laser, we resurface thick scar, irregular surface of the scar or burn scar effectively to reduce roughness, improve smoothness of the surface. So skin surface become more smooth & glowing. (refer chapter 4.3, chapter 4.4)

  • Non ablative laser treatment:

  • We also rejuvenate the skin of burn scar area with non-surgical lasers like Q Switch Nd:YAG Laser (Medlite C-6) and long pulse Nd: YAG laser.(refer chapter 4.2)

  • Serial excision & / or skin grafting cosmetic/ plastic surgery We also use technique of permanent removal of burn scar or accidental scar by serial skin excision in 2 or more sittings to produce good permanent results in certain areas& in certain selective scars. The remaining scar can be treated with LASER as mentioned above.(refer chapter 5.3)

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