Everybody like nose in good shape & size. Nose is major organ of the on the face. It dominantly affects beauty of face & body. About 50% people in the community have some flaw in shape of the nose. But they are not aware of it or they have no knowledge about whether such defect can be improved. Shape of nose can be corrected or improved. Shape of nose contributes about 40% part on beauty of the face.

Tip of the Nose : Tip of the nose plays more than fifty per cent role in beauty of nose. Some persons have broader tip of nose. Such broader tip of nose can be made narrow & beautiful. Some person have vertical furrow or line on the lower surface of the tip of the nose. Some persons have nasal tip which points more downwards rather than forward. Some have tip of nose which points more forward & less downward. With increase in age, tip of the nose gradually turns down. Such nasal tip which points downwards can be elevated & can be made to point forward. If front margin (dorsum) of nose is very broad it can be narrowed.

Height and breadth of the nose:The height of nose can be reduced or increased. Broad nose can be made narrower. Depression (saddle) or elevation (hump) of nose can be corrected. The nose may not be exactly of same shape on right & left half. Such asymmetry can be corrected. In India, many persons have nose having less height in upper half which makes face less attractive but he/she is not aware of this defect. Height of such depressed part of the nose can be improved & nose appears better.

Shapes of the nose : Crooked, deviated, curred some have deviated nose or 'S' shaped or 'C' shaped crooked nose. Some have very big sized nose which can be made smaller & attractive. Some have smaller size nose in comparison to the face which can be increased in size. All these defect in shape of the nose can be corrected with the surgery or even non-surgical procedure.

Shape & size of the nose is most valuable in beauty of the face. With the help of rhinoplasty wider nose can be made narrower, narrow nose can be made broad.

Tip of the nose (Tip-plasty): Tip of the nose can be made narrow, sharp, elevated and upturned.

If there are multiple problem of shape of nose then for some three dimensional problems one may need two or three time sittings to produce better results with touch up procedures. Those who want good qualitative improvement should be mentally ready for two or three sittings. (refer chapter 9.3)

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