As our age increases we develop multiple problems on the face at different levels such as skin, fat, platysma, muscle & bony level. Skin problems are such as aging spots, dark thickened layer in certain areas, wrinkles, loose skin, roughness of the surface moles, naevi. These can be easily treated with lasers, or radio frequency techniques. Results of True Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing results are far superior in comparison to other lasers & radio frequency (micro-needle RF and Non-ablative RF). Those who want to improve fairness, glow, colour complexion should undergo additional non-ablative laser facial skin rejuvenation treatment of 6-12 sittings. Those who do not want to undergo ablative laser skin resurfacing can take only non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

After age of 40 years everybody of us needs total skin rejuvenation i.e. non ablative ' laser facial' skin rejuvenation, & Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing

Most of us do not take enough efforts to maintain beauty of our skin. Our skin on the face is least protected. We take the beauty of our skin for granted. So, we have variety of problems which make us less beautiful & create flaw on skin, especially on the face. Skin of the face is often affected by multiple factors of environment, gravity, stress & active / non active diseases and aging changes in our body. Beauty of the skin is very much sensitive to our busy life style, sunlight, problems in environment, nutritional deficiency, sub normal health status, emotional imbalance and socially accepted wrong habits. These factors make the skin rough, dull, loose & lifeless. So, many of us have problems like dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne, post acne scars, pigmentation, dark spots, early aging changes, sunspots, sun tags, moles, naevi, DPN spots, warts etc. Some have fine lines & thin wrinkles. We need little extra right kind of efforts & maintenance service care of the skin to maintain the glow & uniform fair tone of the skin. If person neglects the care or if he delays treatment, results are less satisfactory. Cosmetic laser treatment can improve & treat most of these problems.

When person wants drastic improvement surgical or ablative lasers like Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser machine are used. These machines have special software e.g. one which acts at super facial level (up to 120 micro millimeter) is called 'ActiveFXTM' one which acts at deeper level (up to 2000 micro millimeter) is called 'DeepFXTM' & 3rd one which act still very deep up to 4000 micro millimeter & at very high energy level is called 'SCAARFXTM': It is used to drastically reduce or eradicate acne scars, very big size acne pits, thickened healed acne spots, scar of wounds & burns. 'SCAARFXTM', Ultra-Pulse® Co2 laser is worlds most advanced resurfacing treatment on scars anywhere on the body (see chapter 4.4).

Topflat Q switch Nd: YAG Laser: This laser can carry out quick & effective revitalization of the skin on the face. Such Laser rejuvenation improves the fairness, glow, smoothness, tightness & uniformity of colour tone of the skin. It reduces tiredness & dullness of the skin. It reduces pore size. It can treat dry, tight, flaky, razor irritated skin, and neglected skin. Results improve further with every sitting. So one should select these procedure instead of chemical peeling, microneedling, mesotheraphy etc.

2) For Strengthening muscles: ISOGEI for non-surgical face lift: After the age of 30 years, strength in muscles of the face reduces. So face appear somewhat drooped down. This European machine helps to increase the tone of muscles & the face. This procedure lifts the drooping of the skin on the face.

3) Treatment methods for Wrinkles:
Due to aging, we develop deep facial wrinkles, creases & furrows. Frequent facial movements like smiling, chewing, squinting & stress reflect further on the face to precipitate these lines. Aging, gravity, exposure to sun, consumption of tobacco in any form also contribute in their formation.

There are two types of wrinkles : Dynamic wrinkles & static wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles: These are mostly present in upper half of face, generally around eyes on forehead.

Static wrinkles: Static wrinkles are present in lower part of the face. These also tend to develop along with dynamic wrinkles in upper part of the face.

Various treatment procedures: (a) For dynamic wrinkles Botox is used. (b) For static wrinkles (i) Non ablative methods like non ablative radio frequency, artificial filler &laser are used. (ii) Ablative methods for treatment of static wrinkles are fat as filler, dermal tissue as filler.'Ultra-Pulse®' 'DeepFXTM' SCAAR FXTM fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing methods and ablative RF insulated microneedeling. Results of Ultra-Pulse® fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing tends to last longer & cost of treatment is less. Ablative treatment methods have longer lasting results as compared to non-ablative methods.

  • Non ablative treatment method for dynamic wrinkles: Botox:

Botox is a natural purified protein which relaxes muscles that are responsible for dynamic wrinkles, e.g. crow feet, frown lines, unwanted lines on fore head.
Botox is accepted worldwide to treat variety of problems in the body. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of U.S.A. has approved this technique as the safest. Fifteen minutes procedure of Botox reduces dynamic wrinkles. Results are observed in a week. Results last for 6-8 months.

(b) For static wrinkle: Non-ablative & ablative methods are used as mentioned below

Non ablative treatment methods for static wrinkle treatment methods:

i) Fillers ii) Non -ablative Radio frequency iii) Non-ablative lasers

(i) Filler : Superficial lines around the lips & nose, nasolabial fold, fine lines around the mouth. etc. can be treated & so the skin in that area become more smooth. The facial contours can be shaped. Deep folds are corrected. So, face regains youthful appearance. Procedure requires 15 minutes.

Results are visible immediately. Skin appears more smooth & tight.

Results last for 6-10 months. Perlane or Restylane is used as fillers. If autofat is used, after 3 session or sittings of injections, at a gap of 4 -6 months results are permanent. Regular follow up treatment maintains youthful look.

ii) Non-ablative Radiofrequency for skin tightening: In this technique multiple needles enter on the face Radio frequency effective current stimulation enters the skin & produces skin tightening. It needs to repeated 4 to 6 times.

iii) Lasers for skin tightening Erbium glass Yag laser 1540, the lasers 1320, 1450nm wave length, Defocused beam at Co2 laser and other infrared lasers.

Method (ii) & (iii) mentioned above help to reduce or eradicate static wrinkles. It has no side effects. It can be taken once in week. After 6 to 10 sitting person may take maintenance care sitting once in 2 months. Maintenance care sitting of the skin prevents aging of the skin.

C) Ablative or surgical treatment methods for static wrinkles: fat & dermal tissue graft as filler and skin resurfacing on the wrinkles.

i) For Static wrinkle treatment by True Ultra-Pulse®,DeepFXTM & SCAARFXTM fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing. This is most effective treatment of treating aging changes in the skin. During this procedure of resurfacing of the skin, tightness of the skin, evenness of the skin scars & roughness of the skin etc improve. The results tend to last for much longer period in comparison to above procedures of treatment of wrinkle. This is treatment of choice for most of aging problems of the face.

Er. YAG laser (2940nm) can also be used but it has less depth of penetration. So it is less effective. DeepFXTM, Ultra-Pulse®fractional Co2 laser is far better than Er. YAG laser.

ii)Fat and dermal tissue as filler: These fat graft injection methods and dermal tissue transplant methods are used widely. Effects of the normal filler like dermal grafting & cartilage grafting Fat grafting can be done instead of artificial fillers. It is done 2-3 times for effective and permanent artificial results. Effect of temporary artificial fillers lasts for 6 months to 12 months. Effects of artificial permanent filler last for 1-2 yrs but these are less safe. Tissue transplant: Tissue can be transplanted to improve depressed areas on the face and wrinkles.Results are lasts for few years or life long (in some cases).

Dermal tissue as filler or grafts: Dermal tissue graft can be done in depressed area for wrinkles to make that area of wrinkle more flat. Results are long lasting.

iii)Ablative RF insulated microneedling.

Insulated needles of Radio frequency. This miconeedling techniques can be used to tighten the skin. 4-5 sittings are required to produce good results.

iv) Cosmetic surgeries on wrinkles/ for skin fold: Wrinkles and skin fold on upper eyelid-upper blepharoplasty operation and brow lift operation, for eye bags below eye lower blepharoplasty (without stitches) operation, for depressed area below eye fat graft, to improve aging appearance of face blepharoplasty operation is done.

We have a facility of the most modern & effective most world class laser machines for laser treatment to maintain your skin, to treat your pimple, pimple scars, unevenness in the texture of the skin, uneven pigmentation, dark circle & wrinkles (like frown lines, forehead lines, crow feet, nasolabial fold, fine lines around the mouth). As we have variety of laser equipments, we offer a chance to get treatment of specific type of laser at proper place. So, results are more effective.

(refer chapter 8)

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