2.11 SCARS

Scars can be treated by various methods These methods can be used as singly or in combinations.

(a) Surgical excision in big size scar excision can be done as serior excision in two or more sittings. The residual healed scar.

(b) Laser resurfacing of the scars: Scars can be resurfaced or subsurfaced with the help of Ultra-Pulse fractional CO2 resurfacing (SCAAR FXTM ) or Long Pulse Nd:YAG/ Pulse dye Laser.

(c) Tissue transplant: Scars forming depressed area can be treated by tissue grafting or fat grafting.

(d) Appearance of fat can be improved with stem cells in fat grafts (refer chapter 5.3)

Treatment of burn scar: If burn scars can bot be excised or can not be grafted with skin then on burn scar most recent and most advanced 'SCAAR FXTM' software is used along with 'DeepFXTM' Ultra-Pulse®fractional CO2 laser treatment is done (refer chapter 4.3). Total laser skin rejuvenation is also best treatment (refer chapter 4.4).

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