11:6 Reduction of size of areola:

Pigmented part of skin around the nipple is called as areola. Areola can be of excess size due to genetic predisposition, stretching due to extra size of breast, or breast implants. After breast reduction, in comparison to new size of breasts, areola appears bigger. So, it needs reduction. Excess skin of areola can be removed with good cosmetic result. To reduce larger than desired size of areola incision is given around the areola. Excess areola tissue is removed. A pedicle is left. Internal purse string sutures are taken to prevent stretching of areola and the scar. Incision is sutured. The scar of such suture may not flatten in time. Significant volume removal of tissue is contraindicated with the periareolar incision. New areola is puffy, barging. Swelling, pain and bruising is minimal. One may join the light job after 2-3 days

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