Breast emlargement:


Various problems women face due to excess large breast:

Excess large breasts can cause pain in back, neck and shoulder. It limits athletic activity, routine physical activities. She faces problem of cosmetically undesirable appearances. She may not find bra that fits comfortable. Clothes do not fit well and it may cause chronic pain. Due to larger breasts, skin of lower part of the breast rubs with the skin beneath the breasts. It predisposes the fungal infection. Huge breasts affect curvature of the spine and spinal arthritis.

When women need to undergo a breasts reduction operation?

If breasts are too large in proportion to your body frame, or if large breasts cause back pain or neck pain or shoulder pain, or physical discomfort, if heavy breast or pendulous breast with nipple are pointing downwards or if one breast is larger than the other, if larger breasts cause restricted physical activities or if women is self conscious about the size of the breast, if larger breast causes skin irritation beneath the breast, breast reduction surgery is done.

surgery: (Augmentation mammoplasty)

To enhance size of the breast by using implants, surgery requires 1-2 hours of time. It can be done under local or general anaesthesia.

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