Various problems of size, shape & drooping of breasts:

Some women have smaller breasts which can be increased in size by putting breast implants or injecting fat. Some women have larger breast in proportion with their figure. These breasts may cause other problems like pain in back. Reduction in size and shape of too large breasts can be done. Some women have breasts which are drooped due to aging or breast feeding or weight changes. They can be benefited by non-surgical breast lift or surgical breast lift. Some women have undergone removal of breast due to disease in it. These women can have breast after putting the breast implant.

Some have drooping of the breasts due to weight loss or aging. So, they want to lift the breast up & some of them may want to increase or reduce size of that breast. Some may have bilaterally uneven size of breast. They want to increase size of smaller breast & reduction of larger breasts up to proper size. Sometimes the breast may be congenitally absent. It can be formed. If a female patient has flattened chest, optimum size of implant help a lot to improve feminine appearance of such women.

Operative procedures to make breast beautiful:

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