Treatment of Hairs problems

10.2 Hair Removal With Laser:

LASER HAIR REMOVAL is done of unwanted hair on the face & the body for cosmetic reasons.

Hairless skin can be a reality with the help of Nd:YAG LASER, diode laser and INTENSE PULSE LIGHT (IPL).

Psychosocial effect of unwanted hair: Unwanted hair or excess hair is a problem in many women and also some men. Depending on fashions, age, sex, age, season etc. site of undesirable hairs vary. If hairs are more than cultural norms, it is socially distressing. These hairs cause embarrassment to ladies of all age group. These hair many a times lead to unnecessary inferiority complex, stress, anxiety, social isolation, loneliness feeling, conscious feeling, reduction in self-confidence and depression. Hair are for protection when these are on the scalp.

Hair Removal:

Women remove unwanted hairs of upper lip, chin, forehead, pinna of ear, face, neck, area between and around the eye brows, fore arms, legs, underarms (axilla), bikini line, belly, back, inner thighs, breasts etc. Every day, men shave their facial hairs. Nasal and hairs of ear pinna are occasionally shaved. If these hairs are thick & dark coloured, these are more embarrassing to that lady.

Different stages of hair growth:

For the laser to be most effective, multiple treatments are needed to get the hair in the growth phase, because all of the hair isn't on the same stage at any given time. There is no laser that can eliminate all hair in one treatment.

Is laser hair removal painful?

During the procedure, you will fell a light stinging sensation, which indicates than laser has been activated. Now a days people do not need the anesthe4tic cream as now laser comes with a cooling tip and or cooling devices so it is not painful at all. Some have the feeling like that of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Results: For additional maintenance periodic treatment- once every 6 to 12 months can be undertaken.

Threading, waxing & plucking: Curse or Gift?

Everywhere in the world, some degree of hair removal is done. People use unscientific procedures like waxing, threading & plucking.These procedures cause silent trauma at root of every hair. So after certain period, these procedures cause pigmented spots & unevenness on surface. In these procedures hair root are pulled out. So indirectly hair root slowly become more strong, thick & black. Such person get tired of hair removal throughout their life.

Thousands of nonmedical professionals in the world are surviving on business of hair removal with unscientific procedures like threading, waxing, plucking having unwanted hair. Plucking, waxing & threading has been made more popular. Person need to do these procedures throughout the life. After some years these procedure is required more frequently. (5) hair plucking or waxing or threading makes hair root more strong. It is misconcept that shaving & cutting hair with scissors or blade make hair more stronger and increases speed of the growth. There no relation of cutting of the hair and growth of the hair. Many misconcepts about laser hair removal, are widely spread due to ignorance about scientific knowledge.

Laser Hair removal is effective 'Gold Standard' method:-

Why to choose lasers?

Now a days LASERs are used everywhere from pointer to printer. It has its own quality of precision. Use of LASER for hair removal gives permanent hair reduction result. It is most advanced, easy and cost effective methods of hair removal. It is most accepted method all over the world. Laser instruments are costly. Person may feel that laser treatment is a costly treatment. Actually, when a person removes hair by other methods which it gives temporary results that person need to do it every month during whole life. So total cost of these procedures in terms of money, time & energy is more than cost of treatment with laser hair removal, so one should select laser hair removal treatment instead of threading, waxing & plucking of unwanted hair.

Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser is most suitable for Indian skin and more effective for them. Ratio of temperature of epidermis to the temperature of hair bulb is more with increasing wavelength. So, epidermis is less affected. At the same time it rejuvenates the skin there by increasing glow, fairness & smoothness of the skin. Thus, Nd: YAG laser gives more additional advantages incomparison to other lasers better than other modalities of lasers. So, Nd:YAG is safer for even darker skin.

Nd:YAG laser, IPL and diode Laser is effective only in anagen phase. Laser hair removal saves your time wasted in non laser procedures at intervals throughout the life. It is a loss of huge time over whole life period.

Generally on need 6-10 treatment sessions. With every sitting thickness, number of hair and rate of growth of hair reduces. 10-12% vellus hair, colourless thin hair may remain which are not noticeable. Those who have hormone problem may need maintenance sitting at gap of 4 to 8 months later on.

Pretreatment Precautions: For laser hair removal

  • Avoid direct exposure of that part to sunlight for four weeks prior to the treatment. Use sunscreen lotion if area s sun-exposed. Patient with sun tanned skin should avoid treatment until tan has faded. A patient with darker skin type or those who have recent sun exposure may use bleaching cream (e.g. 3% hydroquinone, 0.025% hydrocortisone) two weeks prior to the treatment.

  • Avoid plucking or waxing or electrolysis removal method for four to six weeks. One can shave the area.

  • Avoid bleaching, waxing/ plucking of hairs chemicals depilation of the hairs for 3-6 weeks prior to treatment. Stop using tanning creams. Patient having darker skin or tanned skin should use hydroquinone to reduce tan. Do not undergo bleaching treatment prior to 4 weeks.

Unbalanced hormone are often the cause of undesirable hairs on the body. This cause should be controlled before undergoing LASER hair removal. If patient has suffered from viral infection, one may start antiviral treatment. If hair undergo any infection in last 3-6 weeks, inform the therapist.

On the day of LASER treatment :

After examination by treating surgeon, shave the area to be treated or use depilatory cream. In certain cases, prophylactic antiviral agents like valaciclovir, famciclovir, aciclovir may be started.

On the day of treatment, the area is cleaned and made free of cosmetics & make up. Remove lubricants anesthetic creams before laser session. In certain cases, topical anesthetic one hour before the treatment with a cover of plastic wrap. Trim or shave the hairs if they are longer up to 0.5 mm stump. Do not use cosmetic lubricant on the day of treatment.

If there is some discomfort or some pains. It gives feedback information to the therapist to know whether sufficient energy is given for effective hair removal. This helps to avoid side effects of laser. If patient does not want to have such discomfort or pain then from 2nd or next sitting local anaesthesia drug is used to prevent pain or discomfort.

Instructions after hair removal laser sessions:

Avoid exposure to sunlight directly. Use sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) for a week. Immediately& on next day, in some person, one may notice oedema and redness. Very rarely, crusting is seen. No special treatment is required. One may use cold compress to keep temperature of skin low & to feel more comfort on treated areas.

Laser Hair removal & women:

Woman's hairs on her head, eyelid & eyebrow are her crowning glory. Womens hair on other parts body are curse Every woman wants smooth skin without any hairs on her face, chin, upper lip, neck, legs, under arms and at the bikini line. So, she does not like any hair in these areas. She also wants the hairs of eye brows in good shape. Practically, all women have some unwanted hair on some parts of the body. So, they go through all the labour of Hercules over hairs removal. When hairs grow in wrong places the attack over these hairs is relentless.

Causes of unwanted hair:

Growth of unwanted and excess hairs is often provoked by age, medicines we take, improper hormonal level, ethnicity and genetics. All these factors also affect their coarseness, length and colour of hairs.

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