Introduction of Dr. Pramod Mahajan

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan
M.B.B.S., D.O.R.L., F.U.W.A.I.,

Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon
North Maharashtra

Dr. Pramod Hari Mahajan is renowned Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon of North Maharashtra. He is certified by Australia Board. He has completed his medical graduation in 1978 from Govt. Medical College, Nagpur. He completed his post-graduation from same institute. He worked as Professor of Surgery in M. H. Medical College, Nashik.

Training Undergone:

He has undergone training in more than fifty various recognized cosmetic surgery, cosmetic laser surgery and laser treatment workshops held at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, G S Medical college & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, L. T. Medical College, Mumbai, G.T. Hospital, Mumbai, Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi, Medical University, Lucknow, Medical College, Jaipur etc. He is certified cosmetic laser expert for lasers by Australia Board. He has acquired training in Lasers under the guidance of Prof. Penny Smalley (USA), Dr. Lu Zhong, Shanghai, Dr. Nivat, Bangkok, Dr. Big (U.S.A.), Dr. Michael Gold (U.S.A.).

Cosmetic Surgical Skill:

He has acquired special skills in Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), Follicular Unit hair Transplant (FUT), & Follicular Unit Extract (FUE including body hair transplant) hair transplant, power liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, body contouring surgeries, fat grafting, cosmetic face-neck-head surgeries, scar eradication or resurfacing, skin resurfacing, & skin rejuvenation.

Life membership of super specialized organizations:

He is a life member of Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons, Federation of Restoration & Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetology Society of India, Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India, Cutaneous Surgeons of India, Indian Society of facial plastic surgeons, Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, All India Rhinology Society, Association of Otolaryngologist of India, Indian Society of Otology and many more.

First Multi Laser and Most Popular Cosmetic Center in North Maharashtra:

He started first multi laser & cosmetic surgical centre "Look Young Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre®" of north Maharashtra at Nashik (INDIA). This is the first and only surgical center in North Maharashtra which is well-equipped with world renowned & most standard multiple leading laser technology brands of the world. It has ISO 9001-2008 Certification. It is one of top 10 laser centres of India in terms of quality treatment technologies and techniques.

Hub for Most Effective and Qualitative Cosmetic Lasers:

He has multiple types of internationally most advanced Flat wave beam LASER machines which are Top most in the world. These are 'Medlite C-6' Q-switch Nd:YAG laser (refer, (USA), 'Ultra-Pulse® fractional encore Co2 laser'(world's most powerful and most costly technology) Deka's (Italy) Synchro HP long pulse Nd: YAG laser, and IPL (ITALY) in his laser and cosmetic surgery centre. He has made available world's most versatile technologies such has,'Ultra-Pulse® fractional encore Co2 laser' ActiveFXTM ,DeepFXTM ,TotalFXTM ,SCAAR FXTM , PigmentFX etc. (Please refer These effective laser machines are used in treatment of most of the various types of cosmetic problems. Good results of laser treatment are always dependent on such high standard & most advanced technology in their machine. 'Ultra-Pulse® fractional encore Co2 laser' machine which is world's most powerful Co2 laser machine which was made avialabe in Nashik even prior to Mumbai since 3 years.

Versatile Activities:

He regularly gives lectures on cosmetology, otolaryngology and head, neck & face. He teaches and guides other doctors regularly. He also organizes training programmes for general physicians. Some of these programmes are approved by Maharashtra medical council for credit hours. His articles are published in many newspapers and magazines. He attends conferences & workshops of these associations regularly. He provides health education material along with case papers of patients. His clinic educates patient about problems and precautions to be observed. He regularly presents his research work in various national & international cosmetic/ plastic surgery /dermatology conferences.


He is a successful and popular writer and has written ten books on medical, health, cosmetic & social subjects to educate masses. His book on child development was rewarded Best Book on Health of the year 1988 by Institute of Indian Medicine. He received appreciation award from 'Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons'. He has chaired scientific discussion in scientific conferences. He has presented his cosmetic research work in national & international conferences.

He has mini-educational facility in his clinic, which enlightens the regular visitors. He has prepared educational DVD for doctors and community.

His aim is to provide the best cosmetic and aesthetic results and functional improvement.

List of Books Written

  • लोकशिक्षण माला सौंदर्य पुष्प :
    • सौंदर्य उपचार मार्गदर्शन
    • डॉक्टर मला सुंदर व्हायचय !
    • सुंदर दिसा ! तरुण दिसा !!
    • सुंदरता वाढवा
    • सौंदर्य टिकवा चिर-तरुण !
  • जनशिक्षण जागृती पुस्तके :
    • समाजकार्याचे चक्र
    • करूया मद्य-व्यसनमुक्ती
    • साक्षरता कार्याचे वाटेवर
    • तंबाखू-गुटखा व्यसन व त्यांचे उपचार
    • Guide to Literacy Work
  • आरोग्य शिक्षण पुस्तके :
    • नाकाचे विकार व उपचार
    • तोंड, गळा व दात यांचे विकार व उपचार
    • बालकाचे निरामय आरोग्य व संगोपन
    • बहिरेपणा व कानाची निगा
    • पिंपल्स व काळे डाग यांच्या समस्या व उपचार
    • आपले कान, नाक व घसा यांची निगा कशी राखाल?

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